Self-Tapes + Selling Yourself

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Making things happen has never been easier. Ready for the secret? Pitch yourself!
— @TonyHowell


The best way to make things happen is to go after them—strategically. Today, I’m going to show you the best way to pitch yourself for major meetings, new representation, and dream jobs. It combines digital content, your website, and social media or email. I also share some video production tips in this week’s #TellMeTony episode!


1. Make great content

For performers, create a demo reel, video audition, or playlist of performance clips. Don’t have those? Grab your phone and do your thing! I offer DIY tips in the video below.

Visual and creative artists should substitute a digital portfolio. The point is to showcase your talent!

If you need a professional filmmaker or editor, I recommend Gregg Monteith in NYC. I have resource lists for other cities and videographers here


2. Make a great website

Your website is more than your picture and résumé. It’s an expanded and interactive version of those things, with a catered taste of what it’s like to work with you. You need a website (that you can control) to make this pitching process work. 


3. Create a pitch page

Want to know how I became a Backstage Expert? I sent this pitch. And it worked! 

How can you do this for your career goals? Make a private or unlisted page on your website. Here’s an example and another.

If you add password protection (easy to do with Squarespace), it feels more special for the recipient—like unwrapping a gift. 

  • Example for Dream Job: (password = anna)

  • Example for Dream Role: (password = cesar)

  • Example for Dream Agent: (password = joe)

Be sure to design your pitch page so that it matches the aesthetic of your website and gives the recipient everything they need (beauty and functionality).

  • Example for Dream Job: Request a meeting with your portfolio, recommendations, and contact information.

  • Example for Dream Role: Request an audition with your video, headshot, résumé and contact information. Perhaps include press from other productions?

  • Example for Dream Agent: Request a meeting with your materials and a short, personal note about why you think this relationship is a win-win.

The idea is to be a solution. Include everything this person would need.

The beauty in creating these specific pages is that your dream employers and collaborators will likely explore your website after receiving this link. Sending an email attachment, YouTube or Vimeo link, or even a live meeting doesn’t give you this much of an opportunity to showcase yourself!


4. Professionally share your pitch page

The best way to do this would be to send the unlisted website link (bonus points for password protection).

If you have representation, have them pass it on. Still, there’s no reason why you can't pitch yourself! Here's my guide on writing a professional email. You can also use this advice on social media. I’d strongly suggest a short and sweet direct message.

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