Sophie Lee Morris

Sophie Lee Morris
Enjoy yourself! Put in all the work it takes to make being on stage freeing. There’s no freedom without the work.
— @Sophie_L_Morris

Sophie Lee Morris is a Star—on stage and off.

A relatively new leading lady in NYC, she is quickly making a name for herself.

Beyond her beautiful and honest gifts, she is an incredible human. Enjoy this interview (until we're able to record her video when she's back from tour)!

What do you do? What are you most known for?

I'm a performing artist known because of my passion to tell stories. I'm a story-teller. 


Why? What’s your purpose? 

Why? Because this is where I feel at home. My body was made to dance and sing and perform. I just wouldn't have it any other way! My purpose I think lies more in the community of people in the theatre. I have a heart for them and I love how our lives intersect and affect one another as we come and go. In few other "worlds" are you affected by and affective on so many lives around you. My purpose is in the connection.


Advice for Artists? What would you tell your younger self? 

Enjoy yourself! Put in all the work it takes to make being on stage freeing. There's no freedom without the work.


Who helped you? What teacher(s) influenced your success?

My college professor, Harry Parker, always pushed me to keep going. Whenever I was full of doubt, he was there encouraging me to stay the course. Those four years spent working with him and the other professors at Texas Christian University were the reason I came to New York with my head on straight and my eyes focused. 


What do you love/hate about social media?

I love the communal aspect of social media. It allows me to keep up to date with friends far away. It allows me to find new coffee shops, bars, etc. to try and explore. 
I hate the comparison that social media can bring about. Artists are already receiving criticism from so many sources and social media can be so biting in a low period.


What’s happening? What are you working on right now?

I'm currently touring the country (and Canada!) as Mona in Chicago!


Why did you choose to work with me?

I actually didn't! ;) My sweet husband gifted me with your help as a birthday/anniversary gift on the recommendation of my agent, Eddie Rabon.


What results or responses have you received?

Everyone loves my site! It so captures who I am and I think that's reading. It's got enough bite and edge without going overboard. 


Where can we go on the world-wide-web to learn more about you?! I'm also on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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