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Today’s question comes from Kaylene Snarksy:

#TellMeTony: What are the most important things to put on your website?

It’s (not) about you.
— @TonyHowell

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, I’m also interested in exploring how we, as artists, can use our gifts to create a kind, loving, inclusive, and equal world for all humans. Please use the hashtag #WomensFutureMonth to share your vision around gender equality for the future, honor a historical female heroine, or highlight a feminine trailblazer in the present! Tag me @tonyhowell (to make sure I see it) and we’ll feature the best of in the next episode! Be sure to join our FREE Artist Community to get VIP access to next week’s podcast with Kate Lumpkin (Casting Director). There’s also some magic happening within our Facebook group.

What is your website address? Will you be making any changes from this video?

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