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Beyond our celebrated conversation with Jen Waldman, last month we also premiered The Tony Howell Show with an excellent question on branding for multi-hyphenate creatives and an exploration of the theme #DesigningMyFuture. Discover the most inspiring contributions and conversations inside today’s episode—premiering LIVE at 6pm EST.

This month, as we celebrate Black History Month, I’m also interested in exploring how we, as artists, can use our special gifts to “design the future”—and ultimately, create a kind, loving, and inclusive world. We have so much work to do not only in America, but sadly, all around the world. Use the hashtag #BlackFutureMonth to honor a black hero from the past, a trailblazer in the present, or share your vision for the future. Tag me @tonyhowell to be featured on my social channels and in the next episode!

Today’s question comes from @JamaraActs:

#TellMeTony: How do you keep the professional connections you make?

Let your social networks and website simply be an extension of who you are in the real world and the work you do.
— @TonyHowell

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