All-New for You in 2019


2018 was a very good year. While laborious, you’re about to experience the fruits of all the labor in 2019!

Here are the 3+ NEW things I’ve created for you… and what’s coming down the pipeline. 🥳

The Tony Howell Community

LIVE Events + Global creator Network

Starting in 2019, each month is going to have a theme and each week will have NEW content! At the end of every month, we’ll host a special LIVE event. Why? I want to fully connect with you and help facilitate change, connections, and collaborations within our artist circle.

While I’m traveling, these LIVE events will be online. However, I plan to host in-person events in NYC and other cities. To make sure you never miss an invitation, be sure to subscribe below. You’ll also be invited to our FREE Facebook Community to connect with other likeminded artists. I look forward to watching us flourish: individually and collectively. 💗

The Tony Howell Show

Answers for Artists

Every month, in addition to answering your questions, I will feature content contributions from our community! Check out our trailer and be sure to subscribe to the channels below. The very first episode of the The Tony Howell Show will be premiere on Sunday, January 13th!



The Tony Howell Podcast

Conversations with Changemakers

The Tony Howell Podcast is our chance to go deeper: conversations with changemakers like Jen Waldman, Marie Forleo, Ken Davenport, Sierra Boggess, Dr. Susan Carroll Berck, and many more. I’ll have deeply personal and higher-level conversations looking for ways we, as artists, can change the world. The first episode will premiere on Sunday, January 20th.


Tony Howell + Company

Build your Brand: the Easy, Simple, and Fun Way!

Remember Creative Social Media? We’re now Tony Howell + Company! Teamwork makes the dream work… and I could not have the quality of content, design, and customer care without the incredible collaborators above and below.

Thank you to JJ Ignotz (Photographer) for the many years of incredible images. Thank you to Lani Chung (Intern), Jonathan Freeland (Associate), and Max Cove (Designer) for helping me build out my method, membership website, and annual online programs.

After a hiring process in November, it’s my honor and pleasure to introduce you to Katherine McClintic (Business Manager), Connor Lynch (Podcast Producer), and Gregg Monteith (Filmmaker).

In 2019, Katherine will be helping to manage the business (people, programs, and projects). You’ll likely be receiving email responses from her.

Ready for this? Jonathan will soon be managing our NEW Publisher Plans. Like your cell phone plan, these website plans will offer monthly updates, alongside optional upgrades for email/social media scheduling and a new website every year. 🌟