How to Play a Bigger Game on Social Media


Scoring on social media is hard to quantify. It's really based on how you measure success. For some, social media is more about self-expression and connection with friends. For others, it's more about self-promotion and metrics with fans.

Regardless, today's post is a two parter! Let's dive in.


Social Scoring 

Reach = 1 point

Reach is a fancy marketing word for people who saw your post—primarily speaking of views or impressions. Remember you're fighting algorithms and activity levels on each network... so getting seen is still a success! Still, this is a low score and really just about staying top of mind.

For you shy types, you can still score just an many "reach" points through engagement with other peoples' posts. I would argue it's more effective than just posting daily for reach and top of mind awareness. That's like someone who won't shut up at a dinner party! 😬


Engagement = 2 points

Engagement is getting people to interact with your post—primarily speaking of likes and comments. If you get people to engage with your post, it means your content was so good that it forces people to react—like people in musicals who have to bust out into singing or dancing! 

With engagement, I give double points: one point for your content/reach, one point for their (re)action. Engagement is about keeping the "social" in social media—creating a two-way relationship at scale. 


Share = 3 to 7.4 billion points

The share is the best way to "win" at social media. Your message is then presented to someone else's audience... resulting in so much more reach and engagement! 

Obviously, the share is traditionally what you want to aim for with social media. However, keep in mind that there are so many ways to use social media. Let's examine some powerful posts you might want to play off of.


Posts to Play

See if these recent high-scoring posts (from celebrities... and me!) inspire new ways for you to share things online! Don't get stuck... get creative!


Art Only

Video (Social Media... or Vlogging)


Video (Pro Media)


Photo (Social Media... or Selfie)

A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

Photo (Pro Media)

A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on



A post shared by Tony Howell (@tonyhowell) on






A post shared by Lea Salonga (@msleasalonga) on


Copy Only

Long Form

Short Form








News (Please don't share alternative facts!)



Art + Copy

Video + Caption


Slideshow + Caption

About last night!!!! #PortKid #openingnight @officialsherierenescott @mtc_nyc #friendssupportingfriends 📷 by @bruglikas

A post shared by Sierra Boggess (@officialsierraboggess) on


Photo + Caption

What's your highest scoring post? Comment below!

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