Growing Fans + Followers

Growing Fans + Followers

While my purpose has never been to feed the vanity or ego attached to the pursuit of fame, I do want to help you amplify your impact. As such, here are three ways to gain more friends, fans and followers.


1. Design Your Profile

You have one chance to make a first impression. Choose a strategic profile photo that not only shares a little bit about who you are, but also looks good as a tiny avatar. Here are a few examples that fascinate and captivate.

Profile photos can be different across networks—and periodically changing them often increases engagement. You may be able to further tell your story through cover/header/background images as well as text and link colors. 

In "About" sections, be sure to fulfill your bio, URL, location, work history, etc. These descriptions and tags are used to help you and others find each other through similar interests, experiences and relationships. Don't be afraid to layer in your personality. Bio's should never be boring. Make it irresistible to follow or friend you. 

Finally, keep in mind that people also look at Mutual Friends and the numbers of your Followers/Following when making their engagement decisions. Curate these numbers with equal care. 


2. Share Great Content

You've got to have a great content strategy if you want to become known, liked and trusted. Good content enhances lives. Great content makes other people look cool for sharing it. We teach a number of ways to develop personal content strategies, but the gist is that you should always provide value. Your value can be as simple as sharing an experience with others or as literal as a great recipe or discount code. 

Want a quick way to test your content strategy? Look at your latest post. Does it enhance, empower, educate or entertain? 


3. Create Community

Social Media is like karma. Be generous not only with great content, but also with your "likes" of others'. You can quickly gain by giving more.

If you want to gain followers, follow users with similar interests. In general, 33% will follow you back. Your return rate refers back to making a good first impression through your photos, descriptions and content. JustUnfollow makes it easy to find, follow and unfollow potential fans. 

You can also find new friends and followers by searching for similar profiles or hashtags. Statigram allows you to leverage Instagram in this fashion. TweetDeck can help you leverage the Twittersphere.

What's one thing you will change after reading this article? Comment below!

Tony Howell is a digital strategist dedicated to helping you design your future—creating offline success from your online presence.