5 Great Books

5 Great Books

Books I'm Reading...

Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling
By Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

WHY: After an enlightening chat with Sierra Boggess, I felt I needed to learn more about and from Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. Thus far, this book is quite beautiful—and it's filled with the butterfly imagery I noticed and mentioned in my interview. This is something about catharsis and transformation going on... as well as bringing a spiritual element to the work I do. Stay tuned!



WHY: Tim Ferris gave an enlightening TED Talk about fear setting. Rather than setting goals, we should explore and embrace our fears to truly grow. Tim is an incredible thought leader in his own right, but this is a series of interviews he had with world leaders. Essentially, it's life and business mentorship in bite-sized chunks of wisdom. Dzaddy! 



WHY: Honestly, someone moved out of my building and left this book among others in the lobby. However, it's been on my list, and I actually just started it this morning! 20 minutes in... and Godin's succinct writing crystallized what I've been learning first hand as a business owner and 150+ brand strategist... the best way to stand out is to be remarkable! You'll need my services in branding and digital marketing to convert more fans/jobs... but YOU have to do things better or differently. That's a Purple Cow, Blue Ocean, and Rainbow POV.




Books I'm Recommending...

WHY: In order to understand yourself and past/present/future relationships, you need to know the science and psychology of attachment. Attachment theory is usually equated with parenting, but as we all grow up, we bring those neuroses into adult relationships... and they can change and evolve just like we all do. Thanks, Di.



WHY: If you are a gay man, or love one, this is a must read. It helps you understand the sociology and psychology evolved in true self-actualization. The book explains why many LGBTQ+ transition later in life, then become competitive over achievers. The ultimate goal is radical self-acceptance... which is something I think we all need, too!



What was the last book you read? Comment below!


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