Mary Anna Dennard

Mary Anna Dennard

"To do this social thing right, I cannot do it all myself."

-Mary Anna Dennard

We're excited to introduce you to THE College Audition Coach, Mary Anna Dennard!

Moo (as she's affectionately known) has truly helped thousands of young actors achieve their college dreams. She's the author of two (soon to be three) books—and one of our favorite clients.

For those who don't yet know you, tell us a little more about College Audition Coach and the I GOT IN! book series.

I have a little "". I created the first college prep for performing arts applicants. 

The story behind the books are that in 2009, one of my associates urged me to write a book on the flight back from Chicago Unifieds (a group audition for a number of college performing arts programs).

Honestly, the idea of writing a book had never occurred to me. What happened next is a blur! The story fast forwards to the summer of 2010, and my first book, I GOT IN! was born—and launched on the front page of The New York Times theatre section!

Alongside CSM, we just released my prequel, Before I GOT IN! 

The first two I GOT IN! books are college audition guides for high school thespians and their families. The last in the series will be, After I GOT IN! (Duh.) That will be the most fun because I get to reunite with former students and find out how they are finding their place in the industry they love. 


What are you currently working on? 

We just launched an Instagram contest today!!! I'm collaborating with Creative Social Media, Broadway Dreams Foundation and Tony-nominee, Dan Knechtges! We're giving away a Musical Theatre Weekend for the best photos using #ReadBIGI @collegeauditioncoach.

I know we're all really excited to see (and share!) the love of high school theatre.


What’s the best advice you can give actors?

That's easy! It's my slogan! Be Joyous, Be Brave, Be Yourself.




Do you have advice for other authors and coaches? 

Do what you love!

Also... don’t ever give up until you get what you want! (That’s what my Aunt Ann taught me.)


What's the best advice we've given? 

You've taught me that in order to do this social thing right, I cannot do it all myself. Tony's my social media manager. He's fabulous and a world of knowledge on all things social. 

Everything he does is brilliant. Plus, HE’S FUN! You've taught me that video is king (...well, right behind content)! 

There's no end to how much I can learn from Tony and the ever-changing world of social media. Because my demographic is teens, I HAVE to stay relevant across social platforms!



Thanks for the interview, Moo! 

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