The Online/Offline Balance


Our online presence gives us the opportunity to be bigger and better than ourselves. However, it's a dangerous game. One can easily lose sense of what's real and what matters. This blog is my attempt of teaching you to balance your time online and away from screens—the dance between our tangible and virtual selves!


1) Share charisma—online/offline.

Whether I meet you in person or via your latest tweet, you should always honor your personality and think about your reputation. I say always share charisma—the best parts of your true character. 

Your online self should be an authentic and strategic representation of the real you. You are your greatest asset—there is no one else like you. Ergo, share your best and truest self at all times. 


2) Nurture relationships—online/offline.

Until the internet, time and distance often separated us. With the instant access social affords, we can now create and sustain thousands of connections. However, we're replacing true face to face interactions with digital shortcuts. Check out this short film, The Innovation of Loneliness


Don't forsake your true friends for likes/followers. It's absolutely impossible to be everything for everyone everywhere. However, it's important to be something to someone.  

Surround yourself with people who empower and encourage you. You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. Schedule time for them.

Also, remember that relationships have the ability to define your resume. Remember how "it's not what you know, it's who you know?" It's also who really knows you. So the key is to be a good human and treat people well—online AND offline.


3) Schedule time—online/offline.

When you start to take social seriously, it's easy to want to check-in at all times and engage instantly. However, that doesn't do well for creating positive offline impressions and relationships. When you're offline, be offline. Live in the moment and share it later. 

I recommend scheduling three times a day that you check in with your social media. Once you've created lists, it's easy to make this a quick session of listening and responding. Don't fall down the rabbit hole!

Productivity is done best by batching. Schedule time for specific offline activities. For me, that's appointments in my calendar for blogging, gym, class, laundry and groceries. I reserve 9-5 for auditions and have scheduled check-ins for social media—breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The truth is that it's easy to get overwhelmed, immersed or distracted by social media. Schedule your time online and offline so that you can maintain your balance—staying focused on your goals and working towards them daily.

What is one way you maintain online/offline balance? Leave a comment below.