Step-by-Step to Growing Your Followers


Happy #BlackFutureMonth! Remember to share your posts with me. Stay tuned for details about our upcoming LIVE event! This is in addition to the special FREE live stream events on 2/182/202/22 at 9pm EST covering websites for artists.

Bringing together this month’s talk show on “Networking with Influencers + VIPs” and podcast interview with Broadway Black founder, Drew Shade on "Successful, Authentic, and Black AF”, I thought it would be best to teach you how to grow your community.

It’s a bit technical, so I’ve recorded a few short tech training videos for you below. Ready to dive in? Let’s do this!

Step One: Sync Your Contacts

Make sure that you’re fully connected with your existing network. This will uplevel the future connections you can make via social media. As the social networks’ algorithms present you with friends of friends, you will also show up as a suggested account to these VIPs!


Step Two: Optimize First Impression

Make sure that when people discover you, that you are dressed for success. Get my tips for each of the six major networks in this video!


Step Three: Connect with Community

Spend a rainy day making sure that you’re fully connected with your existing contacts or community. This will often result in not only those people following you back, but raise your profile within the networks’ suggested accounts areas!


Step Four: Content + Collaborations

Make sure that you’re actively sharing high-quality content. Whether inspirational, informational, entertaining, or all of the above… give people a reason to not only follow you, but also help spread your content to their followers! Seek out collaborations to multiply your efforts.

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