Social Spring Cleaning + Digital Detox


In honor of #EarthFutureMonth, I want to address how to do a little “spring cleaning” with your social media. This is a direct response to our episodes of Finding Happiness + Getting Results with Social Media and Sierra Boggess’ Light Lessons from a Leading Lady.

Conscious Consumption

In the same way you’re “Marie Kondo-ing” your home to improve the energy of the space, you can (and should!) “Sierra Boggess” your feed! If it’s not informing you or bringing you joy, stop following!

While you could spend some time going through your friends and followers and doing some “pruning,” I find it much easier to do this sporadically. If you’re concerned about offending someone, use Mute. Otherwise, it’s really not personal to Unfollow or Unfriend.

To keep yourself focused, check out the Newsfeed Eradicator for Facebook and Twitter. (Thank you to Courtney Rioux for this one!) I would also work hard to bring a level of mindfulness to your actions…

When you find yourself just scrolling, STOP! Happiness comes from contribution, not comparison. Get up and do something for someone—even if that’s you!

Conscious Creation

I’m preaching to the choir here… but focus on your intention/purpose with social media. Even each post. You can use my Wizard of 1:1:1 formula.

  • What’s the #1 Goal—or Emerald City?

    • Share?

    • Like?

    • Comment?

    • Click?

    • Contact?

  • Who’s the #1 Audience—or Glinda?

  • Does this represent the #1 Self—or Dorothy?

    • Is this the best version of you?

In all the work that you compose, it’s best to focus on the outcome you want, followed by the effect you want on the audience. Put yourself in their shoes and make some adjustments. It doesn’t have to be precious… just conscious!

Claim Your Name

Before you throw your hands in the air and delete your accounts, hear me out: DO NOT LEAVE. If you want to be a public figure, or a known name, I’d work to clean up your feed (as shown above). Always leave your account open to collect interest. You can leave an “away message” up (just like the days of AIM), or direct people with the best place to follow you.

When you’re ready, make your entrance!

Digital Detox

The weekend I completely took off from screens was a profound experience. If you’re addicted to your screen and the affirmations of digital interactions (or suffering from the silence), it may be time to disconnect—in order to reconnect with you.

Leave your phone, tablet, computer, and television. Go into nature! Explore your mental and physical world without the distractions of digital. Simply alert your closest inner circle that you’re going off the grid for a day, or a weekend. They will understand and respect you. Have an emergency contact if desired!

It’s up to you how far and fast you run with these ideas. My bigger point is…

Take control of your social media use so that it’s a healthy additive to your life and others—rather than the opposite.

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