43 Creative Ways to Share Love


Love isn't meant to be shared strictly on Valentine’s Day.  Instead, it’s to be practiced every single day of the entire year... those 525,600 minutes!

Here are 43 creative ways to share love—with yourself or someone special!
— @TonyHowell
  1. Hold the door open for someone.

  2. Compliment a stranger.

  3. Send a letter, card, email, or text of appreciation.

  4. Share a public shout out on social media.

  5. Unfollow (or block) sources of stress or anxiety on social media!

  6. Volunteer your time, money, or talent.

  7. Clean your house and donate old clothes, books, furniture, etc.

  8. Buy someone's coffee or meal.

  9. Turn your phone off for ____ hours.

  10. Take time to listen.

  11. Rent a car.

  12. Rent a Breather space.

  13. Book a hotel room.

  14. Take a trip.

  15. Theatre or concert tickets.

  16. Take a class: dance, cooking, meditation, etc. (often on Groupon)

  17. Explore your city: walk, bike, take a tour, etc. (often on AirBNB)

  18. Bubble bath + candles.

  19. Spa. Day.

  20. Share a message: sidewalk chalk, digital signs like Link NYC, newspaper, jumbotron, billboard, etc.

  21. Leave surprise notes or messages.

  22. Hide heart candies in shoes, pockets, drawers, etc.

  23. Surprise delivery... perhaps shirtless... or just Seamless!

  24. Subscription to monthly magazine or delivery box—food, clothing, beauty products, etc.

  25. Subscription to MoviePass.

  26. Personal coupons or gift certificates.

  27. MixTape or Playlist (Spotify is easy).

  28. Photo book (Blurb or Chatbooks).

  29. Video collage or montage.

  30. Clean the house.

  31. Paint the house!

  32. Hire a professional cleaner, organizer, or stylist.

  33. Stock the fridge with faves.

  34. Fresh flowers or potted plants.

  35. Buy or make yummy treats.

  36. Buy or make an extravagant meal.

  37. Buy or make gift baskets.

  38. Buy a personal brand audit.

  39. Buy a personal, couple, friends, or family photoshoot.

  40. Buy a domain or website. (Such as Kelly Butler Smith for her daughter, Hillary, and Matt Morris for his wife, Sophie.)

  41. Buy a social media audit or strategy session.

  42. Buy a professional email: [email protected].

  43. Create art!

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