4 Easy Hacks for Sanity with Social Media


As we enter Latin History Month, it’s also Latin Future Month! How can we honor, celebrate, and elevate our Latinx family? Use the hashtag #LatinFutureMonth and tag @tonyhowell. We’ll feature the best of on our social channels and in the next episode!

Today’s question comes from DJ Garcia:

#TellMeTony: If I don’t use social media often, and find it to be more of a toxic distraction rather than a resource, should I just stop using social media altogether or should I learn how to make it work for me and my lifestyle?”

Avoiding social media rather than utilizing it? Here are 4 easy hacks to save your time and sanity!
  1. Turn off or customize notifications.

  2. Utilize “Do Not Disturb.” 

  3. Curate your feeds (mute, unfollow, and follow consciously). 

  4. Set screen time limits.


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Which of my four tips are you going to put into action right now? Let me know in a comment below!

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