4 Benefits of my Digital Detox


From 10am Saturday to 10am Sunday, I gave myself a 24-hour digital detox. This meant turning off all screens, putting them out of sight, and finding myself exploring NYC with a few of my current books!

It was a spiritual journey: an expedited Eat, Pray, Love, or a 24-hour Artist's Date (for those familiar with The Artist's Way.) 

Below are my takeaways, followed by tips on how to give yourself a quick, refreshing 24-hour digital detox.


1. Increased awareness and joy.

I enjoyed watching my dog eat breakfast! I could hear the birds chirp in the park. Church bells caught my ear and reminded me there are spiritual havens all around the world. I had sex with my brunch, then found joy in exploring the aisles of the grocery store later in the day. 

Small pleasures... can't deny it! 😆


2. Decreased anxiety.

On both mornings, I had FOMO (the fear of missing out)—whether anxiety about potentially missing emails, calls, texts, social updates, family or world events. When I allowed myself to relax, or surrender, it was as if a new city opened up. I became a tourist vacationing in my own city. It was glorious.


3. Divine guidance.

When I chose to surrender and follow my intuition (or curiosity) about which paths to take, as well as when/where to pause, I had the most perfect day. This included stumbling upon new sights:


4. Thoughts from the Universe.

There is more to life than increasing it’s speed.
— Ghandi
Treat yourself as if you already are what you’d like to become.
— Dr. Wayne Dyer
There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.
— Dr. Wayne Dyer

ready for a Digital Detox?

1. Pick 24 hours that work for you. I'd recommend 10am to 10am.

2. Notify your closest friends, family, and co-workers (if needed).

3. Power down all devices and put them away. Take yourself outside. Notice things.

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