3 Pro Tools for Graphic and Web Design


Great design is invisible. While it may feel intuitive and natural to most audiences, the creator’s process to final product is often messy and full of trials and errors.

Based off this month’s podcast on raising your voice to make change and video about images that pay you back, I wanted to share some of my favorite design tools with you.

Source:  Squarespace

Source: Squarespace


Unsplash.com provides beautiful, free photos. They are a step above many of the paid options, and not restricted by licensing. Now integrated with Squarespace, you can easily add gorgeous (and free) stock photography to your website!



Not a graphic designer? Easily create beautiful designs for web and print from stunning templates. It’s drag and drop—very easy to create a style guide for yourself!

For example, we rebranded the thumbnails for Natalie Weiss’ Breaking Down the Riffs and blog graphics for Marisa Corcoran Copy.

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