3 Priorities for Sustainable Business Success


Since 2013, I’ve been talking about social media, branding, websites, and email. While I don’t profess to have all of the answers, I have learned quite a few things about business along the way.

To help you shortcut your journey, here’s how I’d encourage you to start or grow your business.

Priority #1


Be exceptional at what you do. Give people no other choice but to tell people how great you are. If you dominate this area, you might not need to worry about the next two priorities.

Let me give you an example: My friend and I traveled to Lombok this weekend and were looking for restaurants our first night. We could spend our time and energy searching Google maps, reading descriptions, reading reviews… or take the word of new friends who’d already spent a week in the town. Needless to say, we went to one of their recommended spots our first night and it didn’t disappoint!

Keep in mind that glowing reviews are required for your product AND process. Continuing with the example of choosing a restaurant, the food is only part of it...the environment and service are also important.

Bottom line: your work product needs to be extraordinary, but so does the process or experience of collaborating with you!

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Priority #2


What about those skeptical types? “Sure, I’m glad you think Cafe Alberto is lovely...but let me check it out before I spend any of my time, energy, or money giving it a shot!”

Branding is about your first impression. It’s also made up of lots of little impressions; the emotional relationship someone has to seeing your name and identity.

It’s sooooo much more than fonts, colors, or a logo... those are the end result. I hope these pieces help you.

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Priority #3

Content Marketing

Social media is content marketing. It’s actually micro-blogging if you wanna get fancy. Content marketing is super effective...but best that you have a foundation of the two layers above. If you skip it and build your business on social media (be it Instagram, YouTube, Facebook marketplace, etc.), you run the risk of an algorithm or terms of service change: losing access to your audience.

Content marketing is to stay top of mind with people. Use content (videos, podcasts, articles, live events, email, social media) to build your reputation and relationships.

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