21 Instagram Accounts To Follow


Ready for an epic post?

As you scroll through these incredible artists (both on Instagram and offline), be sure take notice of their:

  • Profile Picture

  • Name + Username

  • Bio

  • Link

  • Metrics

  • Top 9 Grid

  • Popular Posts

While beauty and sexy bodies are often rewarded on social media (and for centuries before in society), emotions are what score the highest. Conventional beauty and sex appeal are often aspirational—it’s why they score so high.
— @TonyHowell

Know that authenticity is on the upswing—hence the proliferation of video content, live streams, expiring stories, and policing of fake followers

How can you model these popular profiles and posts in how you express and promote yourself? As you peruse, tap into what your audience wants to see—or feel—from you. Do click over and read captions as words are equally important!



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Little Action Steps

My intention today was to inspire you. Revisit your Instagram profile and review the following items as a stranger:

1. Profile Picture

2. Name + Username

3. Bio

4. Link

5. Metrics

6. Grid

7. Popular Posts