2018: Pave Your Own Yellow Brick Road

The journey to Oz is about owning your strengths and developing gratitude. 
— @TonyHowell

I hope this Wizard of Oz inspired metaphor helps you create your best year yet in 2018!


Determine Your Emerald City

What do you want? Write down all of your goals for the next twelve months. 

Now, which one matters the most? Work to pick one goal to focus on, knowing you can pick up the others later.

I want you to follow your next big dream. If you're struggling to articulate that, check out my previous post, Your Why = Your Way.


Little Action Step

Write down your goals. With courage, heart, and smarts, select your Emerald City for 2018.


Seek Glinda's Wand

A big theme of Baum’s work is self-reliance—while staying open to support.

While you and I both know you already have the power and skills to make that dream come true, the world (or "the business") probably isn't conspiring to help get you there!

Who can be your metaphorical Glinda? Who can so easily wave a magic wand to fast track you and make your dream come true?

While I'm calling them "Glinda" here, you've probably heard me refer to them as your #1 Audience in the past. The idea is choosing one V.I.P. to cater your brand and content for... and someone at the top of your wish list. 

Work to attract and impress this person in power—being and sharing someone they're proud to support. 


Little Action Step

Thinking of your Emerald City, write down powerful women (or men) who can help you. Select one to be Glinda.


SEek Support

All of the characters traveling the yellow brick road battle self-doubt—not to mention flying monkeys!

You're bound to encounter many obstacles along your journey. Just as you're staying open to Glinda's manifestations, create a strong support system: the brainy best friend, heart-centered conscience, and fearless beast beside you.

There's no way you can know or do everything entirely on your own. As such, your Emerald City travel buddies should be a diverse mix of relationships. If I can be of support along your journey, I would be honored to join your team. 


Little Action Step

Write down those you'd want arm-in-arm along your journey.


Lay Down Yellow Bricks

Good news: you're going to get to the Emerald City!

Bad news: you'll probably have to lay many of your own yellow bricks—carving your own path to get there. 

Dreaming, talking, and writing about goals and relationships won't lead to success. Actions will pave the way.

I want you to think of personally laying down a few yellow bricks every day—while always staying open to help and support.


Little Action Steps

• Thinking of your Emerald City, write down your first three yellow bricks (little actionable steps).

• Thinking of Glinda, write down how you can impress them and create a relationship (little actionable steps).

• Thinking of potential travel buddies, write down how you can nurture these relationships and keep them mutually beneficial (little actionable steps).

• Block out daily "yellow brick" appointments in your calendar.


With your focus, next few yellow bricks, travel companions, and scheduled time... keep calm and carry on. You've got this!