3 Free Tools for "Reclaiming My Time" on Social Media


Spending way too much time on social media? I've been "reclaiming my time" with these tools for many years! 


Dropbox or Google Drive (For Your "Content Bank")

I encourage you to start by creating a healthy "content bank" via your favorite cloud storage account.

Start by taking an audit of your past content (childhood photos, life/career milestones, videos, press interviews or features, popular posts on Facebook/Instagram, etc.), then "deposit" these into Dropbox or Google Drive for future "withdrawals." Over time, this initial investment of your time and energy will pay off with "increased interest" for your brand!  😉

Example from Roma Torre - note the categories!


Buffer (for posting)

My favorite social media management software is Buffer. You can upload content from your "content bank" here... then randomize the shares on multiple social networks.

All of the content goes into a queue that can be shuffled or randomized and then dripped out at chosen times.

If you want to "batch" this work (or do one big bulk upload), here's a spreadsheet to do some brainstorming on. You'll need to download or create a copy... but think of this as a text-only "content bank."

Create a spreadsheet of your image captions, web links, quotes from others, questions for your audience, etc. Use BulkBuffer.com to upload these posts en masse... then attach any relevant media.

Example from my Twitter queue.


Hootsuite (for listening)

While I don't like Hootsuite for scheduled content (because Buffer is much easier to use and customize), it is a pretty great platform for seeing all of your social media engagement in one place. Set up tabs and columns to manage all of your social. 

Example from REBAR Chelsea - note the monitoring of hashtags!

If you haven't, be sure to set up Facebook Lists and Twitter Lists to save even more time! 

How are you reclaiming your time with social media? Comment below!