Big Picture Branding


Actors in final callbacks will each interpret the same piece of black and white text very differently.

Similarly, singers stepping into the same role will interpret black and white music very differently...

Beyond the artists themselves, the thousands of audience members who witness the work will each respond differently.

What I want you to think about from today forward is this new idea of your brand as a big picture. 

Your brand is a pointillist portrait made up of thousands of little impressions you make daily.

  • Dot by dot.

  • Post by post.

  • Impression by impression.

  • Day by day.

What I like about this concept is that it puts you back in control. Without fear or censorship, you can take confidence in being a creative multi-hyphenate.

Perhaps you're in a red or green or blue period... or perhaps you're using 17 colors every day?! The beauty is that you can do and be many things—taking confidence that they will all add up to your bigger picture. 

Think of Oprah, Ellen, Sting. Imagine seeing their headshots without their names attached. A true personal brand carries name and face recognition... earned over time with repeated impressions.

The magic of pointillism (or even Jackson Pollock's drip painting style) is the sum of the many parts, not each individual stroke.

Personal branding takes a bit of planning… but it’s not that serious! I want you to take this concept and be more deliberate. Bring awareness, consciousness and intention to each impression you're making—what you say, write, wear, do, etcetera. 

In the same way that people respond to clearly composed art very differently—everyone will interpret your brand differently.

It’s up to you to control what is being put out there daily... not necessarily how it’s interpreted. 
— @TonyHowell

What paint brushes are you using the most? Comment below!