Email Over Instagram


Today, I want to warn you.

Social media is wonderful. It's a powerful tool and Instagram helps keep things pretty positive.

However, here are two huge reasons why you should focus on growing email subscribers instead of (or in addition to) Instagram followers or subscribers on any social network. 


1. Own Your Audience

We are in the golden age of social media. You have instant access to pretty much anyone and everyone.

However, keep in mind these are for-profit companies. Algorithms and terms of service change more frequently than the seasons.

What happens when you've spent all of your time, money and energy growing 100K+ subscribers and are then told you need to pay at least $20 to speak to them?

Pay-to-play posting has already happened with Facebook for business. Organically, you reach ~2% of your audience—that's only two people of 100 "likes" you worked hard to earn. 

Facebook owns Instagram. This isn't a scare tactic... I truly think it's only a matter of time in the not too distant future before we all have to pay-to-play on social media.


2. Reach Your Audience

It's likely a large segment of your audience will never see your post. It's not just algorithms... it's also activity!

Not everyone checks each network daily. However, pretty much everyone checks their email daily.

Email is a much more effective way to reach your entire audience. People rarely change their email address and rarely unsubscribe. 


3. Act Now

By all means, please keep doing your thing on social media. Just remember you can own and reach your audience best on email. 

Think of it as an insurance policy. Social media is a bit fickle... email is secure.

I want you to start growing an email list today. You don't have to send marketing emails right away... just add a form to your website that backs up submissions to a spreadsheet. 

What questions do you have about email marketing? Comment below!