How to (Re)Write Your Bio


Your bio is one of the most under-utilized pieces of real-estate online.

Having a well-written bio is one of the most powerful ways (beyond your incredible photos, content and offline work) to make a great impression.

Writing a bio is incredibly important... but also incredibly difficult. Today, I hope to offer you some ideas!

The three versions to have:

  1. social media bio (under 160 characters, 1st person)

  2. Google/homepage version (under 150 characters, 3rd person with keywords)

  3. full Wikipedia-style version (the facts for web and print; 3rd person for most... though 1st person is an option)

The interesting paradox is that your bio should be more about your audience than it is about you.

I'm going to suggest you (re)write the three bios above and add in a little more S.A.S. 

  • Strategy

  • Authenticity

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)



Let's start with strategy so you remember to keep the primary focus on your audience and ideal outcome(s).

To start, let's get rid of any writer's block. For me, this is usually because I'm thinking about the hundreds and thousands who will read this text. It can be intimidating!

As such, think of ONE ideal reader. Perhaps that's your dream director, writer or creative collaborator? Write for that person. It's always easier to write for one person.

  • Why should _________ care?

  • Why should _________ hire/follow/contact you?

Adding strategy into your bio can also be about credibility.

  • Which credits/achievements/work should _________ know about?

While this can be perceived (internally or externally) as name dropping, I want you to reframe your beliefs and realize this is about establishing trust.

You're giving someone a reason to take notice, and respect/care more about you.

Words matter. Make sure you're not trying to prove anything. You're just being transparent and stating the facts! It's all about intention.



As we learned with my social media recipe, you have to cook yourself into your content/brand/business. Otherwise, you will become exhausted from playing charades and maintaining a false facade.

The balance of "authenticity + strategy" is up to you.

I look at authenticity as personality. You can display your personality through word choice, punctuation or get creative and use emojis! 🤘🏻

There's no right or wrong. There's also not a forever version. Think of your bio as a living, growing work-in-progress. You can continue to edit and refine, then save or publish updates. Okrrrrrrr!



The last thing to think about are your keywords.

If I were to type "coffee shop wifi" into Google, I'd get a list of coffee shops with wifi available wherever I'm currently at in the world.

What are your keywords? Use these words in your bios to help people connect the dots when searching for you!

This is really important on your website, but can be helpful in social media searches—especially if you're fighting for your name such as "Mandy Moore Choreographer" and "Mandy Moore Actress." 💞


Highlight your past/present.
Design your future.
— @TonyHowell

Remember that you're so much more than what you do or what you've done. Keep your focus on the people the person reading this text and the outcome you want from them reading your words.

That's it! Have fun playing publicist! Right now, I want you to add a little more S.A.S. to your...

  • social media bio (under 160 characters, 1st person)

  • Google/homepage version (150 characters, 3rd person with keywords)

  • full Wikipedia-style version (the facts for web and print; 3rd person for most... though 1st person is an option)