3 Secrets About My Business


Writing this post scares me a little... which is a good sign that I should share it! 

I wanted to fill you in on some subtle shifts in my business...


1. I'm designing fewer websites.

In an effort to provide the absolute best service, I've scaled down to two websites a month. (This is different from the time this summer where I was working on 16 at once.) 

Gratefully, I'm booked for the rest of 2016. However, I'm really considering scaling down to one website a month in 2017.

Why? My mission and message has never been to save the world from ugly websites. I love design and I love designing websites, but in order to reach more of my own audience and achieve my destiny (strong word choice... don't judge), I have to create more time for myself.

As such, I want to work with only one or two clients at a time so they can get the absolute best version of me.

I think there's a lesson in here on self-worth and saying no or setting your own rules... versus always working to please other people.

2. I've hired a team to build my new site.

I've hired Christopher Brailsford and Katy Castillo to design a new website for me on Wordpress. Look for a new membership website early next year with the fourth semester of the Social Artist Training!

Moving to Wordpress will allow me to create and offer more specific online programs... currently being developed and designed with small test groups in NYC. :)


3. I'm writing daily.

Audiences consume. Artists create.

That quote (by yours truly) has been running through my mind a lot the past few weeks.

My friend Sean introduced me to the website 750Words.com and it's been a game changer. Based on the practice of morning pages (journaling) from The Artists Way, starting every morning with 750 words not only provides me with catharsis, it gives me clarity.

I wanted to pass 750Words.com on to you. I have more resources available here and my favorite reads listed here.

I'm also working on my own book—and publicly talking about it for increased accountability and support. However, the book proposal I was diligently working on got deleted earlier this week when I let go of the GoogleApps account attached to GetCreativeSocialMedia.com. Despite carefully moving things and backing them up, I'm going to take it as a sign that, like building a website or most things in life, the process of creation is most often like sculpting.

Stop planning. Start doing! The form reveals itself through action.

What are you working on? Cmment below!

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