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Hillary Smith

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Hillary Smith
There’s nothing like seeing something I thought up come to life.
— @HillSmith2

Hillary Smith is an incredibly talented actor—but she also has a unique passion for sports. After meeting to discuss her two goals, Hillary quickly implemented to take her web series to the next level.

Struggling if you can be more than the "type" or "role" you play? Hillary shows us you can!

Why are you creating a web series?

I am creating this web series to share my love of sports to those that may not normally understand or like sports. Also, I'm combining my interests of performing, writing and sports to create something... that is my own!


What’s your biggest success story thus far?

It may not be much, but my biggest success so far is seeing something I thought up come to life. There is nothing like that. Hopefully soon, I can report that I'll be on TV talking about sports :)



What are you currently working on or towards?

I am working towards having my own sports show and continually putting out fresh and better content. 

Sorry @sptguy33 , I am sick of your team being good. Welcome back Tan Tom Brady 🏈😡

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What’s your advice to other content creators?

As Nike says, just do it!

For so long I made excuses for not starting because I put so much pressure on making my idea perfect. Well, the only way you can learn and get better is by doing. So make something even if you aren’t sure it will turn out exactly like you want it to. Chances are it won’t, but it will exceed your expectations.

V important video coming soon 🍕🔥

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Why did you decide to work with me?

I decided to work with you because you are a social media MASTER. I knew the things I was struggling with in this new venture such as branding, technical things to make myself and product look more professional and goal setting were all things you could help me figure out.


What were your hold-ups in purchasing a consultation?

Hold ups might have been making sure I was fully ready in my process. I knew I wanted to meet with you though so it was just a matter of getting to the place where I thought you could most benefit me.


How was the process/experience?

The experience was great :) I have slowly been picking away at the things we discussed would help take me to the next level. Looking forward to scheduling another session when I get to that place.


What responses or results have you received?

I am getting great feedback from my peers and starting to gain more viewers on YouTube. Hopefully it will continue to expand.


What’s your favorite episode? Why?

My favorite episode so far would probably be the “Girl Power” olympic episode. Those girls are all INCREDIBLE.



Also, I just created my new “shorts” which are small sports snippets. That way, I can blast those out more consistently and keep the content more relevant. :)



What's your favorite social network? Why?

My favorite social network is Instagram. I love being connected with my friends through photos and videos.

Stay hydrated 💦💦 and check out the link in my bio. Thanks to #Water for my sponsorship lol

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