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Jonathan Freeland

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Jonathan Freeland

Jonathan Freeland joined my team in May of 2015. I'm delighted (and honored) to have him on board. He's an incredible man, artist and collaborator. Check him out—then connect or comment below!

Why are you an actor? 

There is nothing I enjoy more than the collaborative process of storytelling, and being able to do so though multiple art forms, whether it’s singing, acting, dancing, or all three, is honestly a dream come true. 


What other "roles" do you play?

In addition to being an actor, I also work as a Photographer...


...and am the founder of Day - Dreamer Coffee Co

I also have the great pleasure of working alongside Tony. 


Is there an overarching purpose in all the work you do?

In every process, I always strive to make sure that it is truly collaborative. Whether it’s a photoshoot or assisting a recording client with writer’s block, I aim to enhance what the client already is giving.

Before starting in the arts, I was very used to black and white when it came to many of my pastimes. I think what makes the arts so wonderful is there is no true right or wrong, and this type of mindset not only yields a more desirable product, but it creates an atmosphere where the client is more willing to act on inspiration and “go for it.” 


What’s your advice to other artists and entrepreneurs?

Knowing your audience is key. Find what makes you (or your brand) unique, and convince your audience that they can’t live without it!

Having a background musically and visually in the “Alternative Press” scene helped me set myself apart from what I was used to seeing in the theatrical world.

While you want your brand to be accessible, finding an element that sets you apart from the crowd will help you create something that people are excited to be associated with. 


What do you think makes a great website?

Clear, concise, and engaging content are what I always look for in a website. If I’m able to find what I initially visited the site for quickly, odds are I’ll be more willing to explore the other content on the site. 


What are three tips for artists on their social media? 

1. I think because the website is the “official” space for a brand, the social media profiles should show off what you do as a “real person!” Make sure the content is relevant as well! Everyone loves a good #tbt, but we want to see what you’re up to NOW! 

2. If you don’t want a potential casting director to see your #litselfie, maybe just keep it in the private messages :). 

Obviously up to no good. Per usual.

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3. Moderation is key! If you oversaturate your feeds, your viewer base won’t be as active. Also, due to the algorithm used by Facebook and Instagram, your posts will only be seen by accounts that are active with yours, so in order to keep your “ fans/friends” engaged, you want to be sure that you’re posting engaging content, but only once or twice a day. 


What’s the best thing that’s happened to you (thus far) from social media?

I’ve actually booked the majority of my acting jobs in NYC from social media referrals. Because my website is easily accessible from all of my social profiles, I have been able to use them as a vehicle to point casting directors and associates to my reel, headshot, resume, etc.

From an entrepreneurial standpoint, it has served as a free advertising space where I’ve been able to convert likes and follows into sales. 


What's your favorite social network? Why?

My favorite social network by far is Instagram. As a visual artist, it’s the easiest platform for me to display my work not just as a photo/videographer but also as a recording artist. 

#milliondollarquartet meets @hamiltonmusical. Another fun collab. w/ the man, @skywseals #johnnycash

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What's your favorite place in NYC? Why?

My favorite place would be a stretch of a few blocks on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg. I can edit photos or do website updates in my favorite coffee shop, Black Brick Coffee, walk a block up and catch a matinee movie and lunch before whatever I have lined up for the evening.

Sometimes we go on day treks and take photos together and it's the best. #williamsburg

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What's your favorite quote?

Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves - slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future.
— Thich Nhat Hanh


With all of the jobs that I juggle at any given time, being able to take moments throughout the day to just be present is necessary for me to keep from becoming overwhelmed and allowing each project to reflect my best work. 


What’s something that surprised you about working with me?

Working with Tony has been such a fantastic learning experience! I’ve always felt that I was a little scatterbrained when it came to approaching artistic projects, and Tony has helped me implement systems to consolidate the ideas and really “find the why” in every project I undertake. 


Any last bit of advice you’d like to share?

There’s no such thing as learning too many new skills! With the wealth of information freely available, you can learn to do almost anything that you’re willing to commit time to, so go for it! 

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