5 Must-Haves for Personal Brands


Anyone can create their own opportunities and success. We live in an age where, with the touch of a button, you can reach just about anyone and everyone—your No. 1 employer or your own audience of seven billion people.

The following five items are must-haves for all individuals ("personal brands" if you're fancy) to create offline success from your online presence.

Truth is... your personal web presence is working for (or against) you 24/7 and around-the-world.


1. Google Goodness.

When someone mentions a restaurant, movie or person you don’t know… where do you go to learn more? Google! With a little bit of magic (also known as SEO or search engine optimization), you can control what they find—links, images and videos.


2. Professional Media.

We live in an age where we can be our own media creators, but when it comes to presenting yourself… please invest.

You do judge a book by its cover or pick the wine with the prettiest packaging. If you want to raise your profile or change your status, take control of your image. Don't skimp or D.I.Y. your marketing materials. Choose quality over quantity. Show us… don’t just tell us.


3. Website (versus Wikipedia).

I work with creative professionals of all mediums and career levels. People (not just artists) most often have some doubts and fears that prevent them from fully “putting themselves out there” online. 

Websites allow you to control the message that you’re sharing with the world! Wikipedia can be modified by anyone. A website allows you to share what you want. It also makes it much easier to get in touch with you!

Keep in mind websites come in all sizes. Compare TonyHowell.me (landing page) toLeaSalonga.com (full site) to something like Amazon or Wikipedia. Make sense?

Realize that websites are never ever finished or perfect. Like your life and career, they’ll always be growing and evolving… or should be.


4. Solid Social.

Gaining fans and followers is one route to success. All too often, it can become a rabbit hole of vanity and ego that distracts you from what matters most at the end of the day… your performance.

Fame and followers are a bit like the chicken and the egg… it’s hard to articulate what comes first and why—it’s so subjective. I’d encourage you to invest your time and energy (and perhaps a bit of money) to dress your social profiles for success with professional media and a website listed. Then, remember to balance social networkingwith your social marketing.

They’re not called social markets. Realize you can just as easily create success from your relationship with one V.I.P. than thousands of followers.


5. Email Excellence.

The final step that so many fail to include is your email. Daily, you’re sending and receiving hundreds of messages. Make sure that you’re doing so professionally!

What step are you focusing on? Comment below!