Kate Loprest
Someday, the dancing may go, the singing may go, but I will ALWAYS be an actor.
— @KateLoprest

Kate Loprest is an American TV/Film/Theatre actress best known for her performances in Boardwalk Empire, First Date and Hairspray. She's also a dear friend.

I was delighted to collaborate on KateLoprest.com and look forward to seeing this star on bigger and bigger screens.

Why are you an actor?

I’m a storyteller and creator. It’s been a natural part of me since I was a toddler. Someday, the dancing may go, the singing may go, but I will ALWAYS be an actor. 


What are you most known for?

I’m proud to say that I’m known as someone who likes to play and create. I also believe I’m known for my comedic instincts. 


What do you want to be known for?

I want to known for someone who is undefinable; an enigma. Someone who can take on plays as well as musicals as well as on camera work. Someone who can play classic soprano leading ladies as well as contemporary comedic roles.

I'd love to be known as someone who, when casts are being compiled, is first on people's lists because they know their work is in creative, capable hands with me. 

What are you currently working on or towards? 

I’m working towards a number things. The first I call “getting on the list”.

It disheartens me that after eleven years in New York City (and a strong body of work), so many people still don’t know who I am. So much casting is done off of creatives' lists—their favorite people they know and want to see for particular roles. I want to be on those lists. My other goal is dipping my toe into more TV/film work. 

What do you love about the digital age we live in?

I love being able to reach out to family and friends across the globe.


What do you hate about the digital age we live in?

I HATE (and I’m using my words carefully) that a persons social media presence is beginning to trump talent. 


Why did you choose to “get creative” with us?

I’m taking a big leap of faith forward with my career right now. New EVERYTHING. I decided that if I want to move to a higher level in my professional career, my online presence should reflect that. Tony has been my friend for a number of years and I knew I would be in capable hands with him. 


How would you describe the process/experience?

I loved our process, particularly because it started at a dog park/shake-shack type restaurant in Dallas, TX. It was very individualized and lots of attention was paid to detail. Tony also asked me really tough, specific questions and I’m glad because that only made my site better that much better


What responses or results have you received?

100% positive feedback. People love the format, the simplicity, and clarity. They also love my new pictures taken by Justin Patterson Photography (who I cannot say enough good things about). It's been an investment, but I believe it'll pay off. 


Agreed! Okay, rapid fire...

Favorite Social Network: Instagram

Favorite Play or Musical: The one I’m in right now :)

Favorite Place in NYC: Pier 1 Cafe on a summer night at sunset with wine in hand (very specific)


Favorite Person in the World: My dog, Georgie

Is there any last bit of advice you’d like to share?

Set your goals high. Be kind to one another. #adoptdontshop

Thanks for the interview and project, Kate! 

I love working with you onstage and online. Looking forward to seeing what's next for you!

Learn more at KateLoprest.com.

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