The Blogs I Read (or Watch)


The online world is full of content. It means the world to me that you spend some of your time and attention here.

This week, I decided to shed some light on the blogs that I choose to read. The content is just so good... I know you're going to devour at least one of these new resources!

Kevan Lee, Buffer

Buffer is one of my social media management tools. Beyond their free plan, their paid plan is well worth the investment—especially for businesses. For incredible free training, be sure to visit their blog. Kevan Lee and his team write incredible pieces to keep your social skills sharp!

Here are some of my favorites:

  1. How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy From Scratch

  2. The Research & Science Behind Finding Your Best Profile Picture

  3. The Psychology of Social Media: The Deep Impulses That Drive Us Online

Marie Forleo (Photographed by Eric Michael Peterson)

Marie Forleo will teach you how to create a business and life you love. Her medium of choice is video... but she also shares exclusive insight for email subscribers and stays active in her website comments. She does everything with great style, fun and an abundant heart.  If you're a creative or entrepreneur needing steam and guidance to keep creating things that change the world... tune in here. 

Here are some of my favorite MarieTV episodes:

  1. How to Name Your Business: Should You Choose Your Name or Something Else?

  2. How to Change the World and Live Your Purpose with Adam Braun

  3. What Elizabeth Gilbert Wants You to Know About Big Magic


Dallas Travers helps actors book more work and coaches help more people. She basically has two businesses/audiences... so here are my favorites for each!

For actors changing the game:

  1. How to Address the Dreaded AGE Question

  2. One Reason Why Your Career Might Feel Stagnant

For coaches on a mission:

  1. How to Hire the RIGHT People

  2. The Danger of Prioritizing Profit Over Purpose


Alexandra is a writer in Portland who is and has worked with the best. She's super generous with her heart and wisdom. She's also someone to follow/examine in terms of her business structure and systems. I love introducing people to Alexandra... get ready to fall in love!

Here are some of my favorite reads:

  1. 100 alternatives to the question, “So, what do you do?”

  2. Is it possible to run a business without using social media?

  3. Good Question: How can I stop being such a perfectionist when I’m writing emails?

What blogs (or podcasts/videos) do you love? Comment below!