Leslie Becker

Leslie Becker

"Decide what you want, believe it is possible and go out and do it with intention, with bravery and with love."

-Leslie Becker


I first learned of Leslie Becker when her book, The Organized Actor was recommended to me. It helped me track and conquer my first year in NYC.

Fast forward several years later and I was honored when she came to me for advice on social media. Take a look at the interview below to learn more about this multi-talented and multi-faceted master artist!

What are you most known for?

My versatility.



What do you want to be known for?

My genuine kindness and integrity.

These are my rules I like to live by. #lifeByLeslie

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Why do you do what you do?

I have to! If I didn't create things I would die. I'm at my worst when I don't have something that I'm building, growing or creating. Be it a song, a business, and screenplay, I simply have to create. 


There was a time when I didn’t believe that being an artist was enough. I thought it was impossible to make a living and I thought it didn’t contribute enough to the world. But as time went on, I quickly learned that shining your creative light, being your true self and sharing your gifts with others is the greatest contribution you can make to the world...and from there, a living and a wonderful life is granted.
— Leslie Becker


What are you currently working on or towards?

Getting a record deal. Expanding my social media fanbase. Getting a musical I wrote to Broadway.



Who’ve been some of the mentors/teachers instrumental to your success?

My mom who has always believed in me and will never let me give up on my dreams.

My high school drama teacher who taught us that the actor was only one small part of a collective whole.

Tony Robbins for teaching me to use ALL of my gifts, walk my talk and take massive action.

Greg Schaffert who was my first producer on my first musical and even though it did not ultimately manifest, he still always says "Keep writing. keep writing, keep writing."

My current producer Joe Vulpis who has expanded me and challenged me to see myself bigger than I ever imagined before and opened up a door to a whole new life for me.


If you could offer advice to your younger self or young aspiring artists, what would it be?

Same thing I teach my own coaching clients...

Decide what you want, believe it is possible and go out and do it with intention, with bravery and with love.
— Leslie Becker


What do you love about the digital age we live in?

Access to any information you could ever need to know.


What do you hate about the digital age we live in?

Access to any information you could ever need to know.

I think the Internet has dehumanized us. While its intent is to socially engage us with each other, honestly I think it has torn us apart in so many ways... but that's a whole other article! ; )


Why did you choose to “get creative” with us?

Because you reached out to me in a delightful way that made me want to meet you. And I had heard Tony Howell was the best. See... your stuff works!!!!


How would you describe the process/experience?

I'm a quick learner, so I asked Tony to give me the most important things I needed to know to understand and build a Twitter following. In one strategy session, he gave me some highlights and I took every single one of them and applied them and they worked!


What responses or results have you received?

Well, when I started with Tony I had about 500 followers. That was a year ago and now I have more than 6600. But the number isn't as important to me as what it has generated. I have received lots of media coverage, connected with major players in the music business, been asked to write for several publications and have met people in person and formed relationships ALL because of Tony and what he taught me about engaging on Twitter!


Okay… rapid fire:

Favorite Social Network: Twitter (God, I never ever ever thought I would say that)

Favorite Book: As a Man Thinketh (if you don't have you must get it)

Favorite Movie: Shawshank Redemption, Love Actually, Singin' in the Rain, Sound of Music... really Tony, I can't pick one!

Favorite Place in NYC: The Hudson River by Pier 1 at 68th Street at night.

Favorite Person in the World: My mom. Period. End.


Is there any last bit of advice or wisdom you’d like to share?

You must always know that being an artist (or being anything really) is a journey and a process. You might often feel the process is taking longer than it should have, or longer than you would like it to. But always trust that it is taking as long as it needs to take. If you're doing anything for the quick rush or quick cash or quick satisfaction, you probably don't really want it for real. I CAN'T not create. So I keep doing it and it seems to be working.

It was an honor to work with you and it remains an honor to call you a friend, Leslie.

The things you've created (and those still to come) have helped me and so many others.

So on behalf of all of us, thank you!

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