10 Tools To Run My Business


The following ten tools give me the freedom to run my business from anywhere and any device.

Even if you're incredibly busy and "allergic to technology," I'd encourage you to at least give them a trial! 


1. Google Products

We use Google Apps for business, but here are some of the awesome FREE tools from Google you should consider using!

  • Chrome - A web browser built for speed, simplicity and security.

  • Drive - Create, share and keep all your stuff in one place.

  • Docs - Securely create, collaborate and share documents.

  • Sheets - Securely create, collaborate and share spreadsheets.

  • Hangouts - Video chats. Create a Hangout on Air to get a public or unlisted YouTube recording.

  • Alerts - Automated emails when "your name" (or someone else's) is mentioned in the press.

  • Calendar - Organize your schedule and share events with friends.

  • Gmail - Fast, searchable email with less spam.

  • YouTube - Watch, upload and share videos.


2. NameVine.com 

Use this website to help create a consistent online presence. Find a domain name with matching social media profiles. If your name is taken—be sure to read this post


3. Squarespace

Once you've determined your domain,you can put up a cover page and even buy your domain through Squarespace. I do recommend hiring a professional to design your website, but if you're going to build your own website, I'd encourage you to do it on this incredible platform... and nowhere else!


4. Dropbox

Be sure to protect important files in Cloud storage such Google Drive or Dropbox! We use Dropbox to send/receive files as a team and with our collaborators because of how easily it syncs with Mac's operating systems. Click here to install Dropbox on your computer.


5. Buffer

People often ask about Hootsuite. While I think that platform is great for listening (seeing all of your engagement in one place), I prefer Buffer for speaking. I think it's a more user-friendly platform for social media management. Upload, randomize, publish and analyze all your posts in one place.


6. Adobe Creative Cloud

It used to be the the Adobe Creative Suite was an expensive purchase that required yearly updates. Now, Adobe offers a subscription service to always have the latest and greatest tools. Creative Cloud gives you the entire collection—Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and more!


7. MailChimp

There are other options for email marketing—lately I've been flirting with Campaign Monitor and Convert Kit. In terms of the most value, ease-of-use and customer support, MailChimp is by far the #1. Be sure to checkout their new mobile app, Snap. It makes sending email campaigns a... snap!


8. Dashlane

Never forget another password! Dashlane is a secure place to store all of your passwords. Run into a security issue? With one-click, make password changes!


10. Asana

Asana is a great way to break down big goals or collaborate on team projects. Assign responsibilities, deadlines and get updates without email! As a team, we have templates of step-by-step checklists to maintain quality control. We also use Asana to brainstorm ideas and assign personal reminders/tasks.