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Jessica Humphrey

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Jessica Humphrey

"The girl on the website, photos and videos is exactly the girl that walks into the audition room—which is super important to me!"

-Jessica Humphrey

Jessica Humphrey is FULL OUT! We met on January 8th and by February 3rd we launched her new website—complete with new photos and demo reels! 

As you'll see, she's a very talented actress, writer and lovely human!

What's your "why" behind what you do?

 Photo: Vince Trupsin

Photo: Vince Trupsin

Short answer: I don’t know life without the performing arts. I started as a ballerina at a young age and starting adding in playing piano and singing. In high school, I found that I could combine singing, dancing AND acting in musical theatre and went on to get my Bachelors degree in Musical Theatre. I moved straight into a professional acting career and then into getting my Masters in Musical Theater. I have literally never had a moment without theatre, dance and music and want my life to stay that way forever! 


What do you love and hate about the digital age? 

I love how easy it is to keep up with people from all the different places I’ve lived and worked! I can stay connected to my friends and family on the east coast even though I’m in California – and they can keep up with me! I hate that I have to remember to document things. I’m still not used to snapping pictures or tweeting every day, but it is super important to do! 

Product of girls night with @amandakouri and @mcmillkr!! Hair and makeup by Kate!! #nofilter #southerngirls #glamsquad

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What made you decide to go to grad school? 

I was in a time in my life where I could really dive fully into an acting career in New York City, or take the time to go get my MFA before I got too attached to the city. I’ve always wanted to teach and knew that, if I got the degree now, it would be so much easier to transition into a university position after my acting career. San Diego State University is a school that allows me to keep performing and honing those performance skills, while also learning how to teach and be a scholar. Basically, the best of both worlds! 



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What's your advice to aspiring actors? 

Find multiple things that you love to do and always keep learning! Performing cannot be your whole life or else you will burn out: find passions outside of your work to keep you balanced. 


I was delighted to interview Katya Stanislavskaya, teacher/artist extrodinaire, for! Check out her words of wisdome here:

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What's your advice to artists considering an M.F.A.?

It is all about timing. Just like people say “New York will always be there,” I’m saying school will always be there. Make sure you are in the right place physically, emotionally, and spiritually to take on a huge life change. Balance and “to-do” lists will save your life while you are pursuing your degree. Take everything one day at a time! 


Why did you choose Get Creative?

After seeing Tony’s presentation at MTEA, I knew that this was something I had to add to my career arsenal. I was incredibly impressed. I’ve had a website for awhile, but nothing so clean and professional looking. I also knew I needed someone who could guide me through the process and help me make decisions, since I am so busy in school! Tony made sure I felt comfortable with everything from day one and made the best use of the little time I could give to the process. I never felt like he was too busy for my questions or edits; he made me feel like I was his only client! This was exactly what I needed to bump my career to the next level!


How was your experience photographing with Vince Trupsin?

Vince was amazing! He fit me in last minute in order to get my website photos taken, which was super helpful, and made me feel like I was his number one client! I loved being able to walk out of the shoot with all my shots on my flash drive and immediately send them off to be put on the website. Once I decided on my retouched images, he sent them to me within hours! I love how quick, efficient and professional Vince is and I already can’t wait to use him for my next shoot. 



How was your experience filming with Tim Grady Films?

Really great! I had heard about his work even before I left for San Diego, and had no questions about who I would contact when I was finally back in the city. He made my shoot super comfortable and had a quick turn around with my reels—which was important to get my website up and running as soon as possible. Tim made me feel like a priority and helped me achieve a great product!



What responses (or results!) have you received from your new website, photos and videos?

I’ve had many friends reach out and tell me how clean and professional my whole career package looks! They are super impressed with the quality and how well everything captures my “essence”. My classmates and professors pointed out how the girl represented on the website, in photos and videos is exactly the girl that walks into the audition room, which is super important to me! 


Now that the website is launched... what's next for you? 

I am finishing my MFA in May and then who knows?! I am starting to pursue performance again: finding new representation, going on more auditions, etc. That will determine whether I stay in Southern California or go back to New York (both amazing options!). I am also always on the lookout for part time teaching positions or work in Development. My work at La Jolla Playhouse, and San Diego State Musical Theatre Archive has inspired me to continue writing even while performing. I will always be a scholar/artist! 

You are a true delight, Jessica! Thank you for choosing us to design your website and being such an awesome collaborator! 

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