2016 Year in Review


Grab a piece of paper.


Okay, now come back to this device and choose what digital archive you're going to use. 

  1. Calendar

  2. Instagram Timeline

  3. Facebook Timeline/Photos

I want you to manually look back at your entire year... all the way back to January 1, 2016.

Make a true and full list of your best moments. What are you proud of? Write it all down... on a piece of paper!

With such a rocky end to the year, it's critical you look back. Give yourself the time to do this reflective exercise. I bet you'll be surprised by how far you've actually come and all that you've accomplished in 2016 (but not really or fully acknowledged).

Try it! 

Once you've done the manual labor, compare how the algorithms below (based on highest engagement) or your own content strategy compares to your full year in review.

If you so choose, I want you to share your discoveries. Take a look at the guides and examples below... then share your 2016 best moment(s) in the comments.


Facebook Year in Review

  1. Visit facebook.com/yearinreview

  2. If desired, edit your video... choose your best moments from the list above.

  3. Work until you're happy... then share with "Friends" or "Public" and use #yearinreview2016!

  4. Tag me if you want! I'd love to see what you created this year!


Instagram Best Nine

  1. Visit 2016bestnine.com to create a collage from your most liked posts.

  2. Alternatively, create a custom collage using Instagram's Layout App.

  3. Save and share your photo with #2016bestnine! Tag me @TonyHowell!



Twitter Year in Review

To my knowledge, Twitter doesn't offer an official year in review! However... I've got you covered!!!

  1. Visit analytics.twitter.com to look back at your best moments.

  2. Tweet your 2016 memories with #ThisHappened!


Just for fun... take a look back at 2016 with Twitter's highlight video! 


For those who want lighter content... here are the top 10 emojis of 2016!


What was your best moment of 2016? Comment below!