Creative Gift Guide

Creative Gift Guide

Fun Experiences

I've been hearing people say they like to share experiences or memories—not just material possessions. I like this idea quite a lot.

A few creative experience ideas might be...


Give + Give Back

Felix & Fanny is a community gift store on the UWS of NYC with a non-for-profit cause. They donate 100% of their profits to The Children's Aid Society. Yes, you read that correctly!

Through their Retail Readiness program, they also provide teens from The Children's Aid Society with paid employment and free training on a six-month revolving basis.

Visit Felix & Fanny for unique gifts, custom baskets, baby clothing, and educational toys for children. (They also have beautiful gift wrapping!)


Hand-Roasted Coffee

Coffee addict like me? Check out team member Jonathan's Day-Dreamer Coffee Company! 

Small batch and hand-roasted in Brooklyn, Day-Dreamer's mission is to bring the highest quality coffee to those who choose every day to make their dreams a reality.

Sound like someone you know? Order here.


New Music

Music is a universal language. Support independent artists with these incredible albums from extraordinary artists! You can also "try before you buy" at all of the links below, too. 😘


Original Art

Want to really melt someone's heart? Buy them original art!

Check out Emily Alp's incredible paintings or JJ Ignotz's custom prints.


New Photos/Videos

Believe it or not, professional photos and videos don't have to cost thousands of dollars. For friends and family members, see if there's a local creative you could collaborate with. 

I believe that everyone needs/deserves professional media... not just artists! What about family photos? Lifestyle photography? A new "About Me" video?

For a list of my favorite media creators in NYC and LA, be sure to grab my Resource Rolodex. To have my help strategizing and managing your shoot, click here

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 9.40.01 AM.png

Online Learning

It's always good to challenge the mind and learn a new skill. Consider gifting someone a membership or specific class on CreativeLive*, Lynda or Udemy.

Stay tuned for more online learning opportunities from me! For now, get my free Big Picture Brand Bootcamp and/or alerts on programs here.


New Domain

Why not start the ball for your nieces, nephews, newlyweds, and more with their very own .com?! 

But seriously... Google makes it very easy to reserve a domain.

If their .com is taken... check out this blog for more creative domain ideas. 


New Email

If you want to take the domain gift even further... set that person up with [email protected], too!

Google's G Suite* makes it easy to do so... and add this new account to any and all devices.

You can give them my guide to changing your email address, too! 


Print Products

Who doesn't love new business cards, stationary, planners, journals, etc?

For photo or brand-based gifts, I love Moo*. Moo's Printfinity makes it easy to upload or create many different designs in one pack or order... so you can create a deck of dynamic business cards, postcards, stickers, etc.

Last year, I used Moo's Printfinity to create custom stationary for all the special people in my life. 

Check it out—and save $15 on your order!


Gift Cards

When all else fails, and you're too late to ship something, Amazon* and iTunes make it easy to send a custom e-card that anyone can appreciate.

Take some time to choose a custom design and write a thoughtful message... it can mean just as much as something tangible that's been ornately wrapped!


*Proud affiliate for Amazon, CreativeLiveG Suite, and Moo. If you use these resources, I may earn a small commission. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Shopping? These are a few of my favorite things...

What's your creative gift idea? Comment below!

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