3 Pro Tips for Websites


Squarespace is my recommended web design platform for almost all brands.

It's responsive (looks great on all devices and browsers) and a comprehensive all-in-one solution.

Even if you don't use the platform, you can find alternatives to the advice and tutorials below. If you haven't made the switch, I hope you'll consider it.

If you are a Squarespace user, here are three ways to further polish and leverage your website!


1. Set a Favicon.

A favicon is the tiny image next to the page title in most web browsers. It's very easy to add a favicon to your website in Squarespace. 

To start, you want a square image that's no larger than 300 pixels wide. For businesses, you're looking for a PNG of your logo (gives a transparent background). You don't want the full logo—just some sort of icon.

For personal brands, you want a closely cropped version of your face. This way, we can see and recognize you.

Here's how to add a favicon to your website on Squarespace.


2. Set a 404 page.

A 404 page is what shows up when a website visitor clicks on a deleted link or enters a typo in the website address. 

Your 404 page is a huge opportunity to provide a little extra. Dallas Travers' Thriving Artist Circle 404 page is a great example of adding your fun personality.


You can also use the 404 page to provide an "easter egg" of value. That can be your latest blogs, videos or a free gift.

In general, the best value to offer is the ability to quickly return to the (well designed) homepage or search the website. 

I've included two examples below. You'll notice that one brand has a bit more personalization.... creating an "experience" of the brand for visitors.

Here is how to customize your 404 page on Squarespace.


3. Design a lock screen—and use it!

Squarespace makes it easy to password protect your entire website or specific pages. Even further, you can customize the lock screen. Below are a few examples, followed by a tutorial.

I'd encourage you to embed your "protected content" (whether those are self-taped auditions, video cover letters, paid training videos, etc.) on your own website.

Encourage people to visit an "unlisted" page (not shown on navigation menu or search results) or easily password protect the page on Squarespace. The idea is that you get them to your website... not to YouTube or Vimeo where they can easily get distracted!

Click here to learn how to set a customized lock screen on Squarespace.


Have a favicon, 404 page, lock screen or just a question? Comment below!