Jordan Gaches

Jordan Gaches
Go after what you really want. Face the fear of the unknown. Be open.
— @JordanGaches

Jordan Gaches is an American actor most recently seen in the series Seniority. A recent graduate of Oklahoma City University, Jordan now calls New York home. 

It was my honor to build an online home for this artist who intentionally chooses work that challenge the ways we think about others, ourselves and the world at large. 

Why are you an actor?

 Photo:  David Noles

It’s incredibly fun, and I love teaching by sharing my emotions and thoughts with others.


What are you currently working on or towards?

Being the lead in a major motion picture and a series regular in a Netflix-y show.


If you could offer advice to your younger self (and/or young aspiring actors), what would it be?

Go after what you really want. Face the fear of the unknown. Be open.

In honor of my last OCU opera audition

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Who’ve been some of the mentors/teachers instrumental to your success?

My voice teacher, vocal coach, acting teachers, parents, sister, and you!


What do you love about the digital age we live in?

I love how quickly we can share knowledge.


What do you hate about the digital age we live in?

How quickly negativity can spread. 


What do you think makes a great website?

Clarity and honesty. 


Why did you choose to work with me?

You had your act together 110%. You’re excellent at channeling people’s desires and guiding them towards their goals. Also, your work’s gorgeous.


How would you describe the process/experience?

Very fun, surprisingly more in depth than I was expecting (in a good way). That beginning paperwork was extremely helpful.


What responses or results have you received?

People have loved it! I’ve heard that it’s beautiful and very professional. I feel extremely confident sharing my online presence now.


What's your favorite social network? Why?

Facebook; I love connecting with others via photos and status updates. I also love how large of a platform it provides. Instagram and Twitter are great, but they can be limiting when fostering a communal feeling. 


What's your favorite place in NYC? Why?

Central Park, Alice’s Tea Cup, Kahve coffee, and my apartment. They all have great views and tasty food. 


What's your favorite quote?

Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do.
— @MarWilliamson


Any last bit of advice you’d like to share?

Keep doing what you’re doing. I admire how your passions have taken you to different places in your career. Thank you enormously for all your help and advice. 


Thank you, Jordan! You are an incredibly detailed and organized artist... which makes you a wonderful collaborator!

Looking forward to seeing you on larger screens.

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