David Andrews Rogers

David Andrews Rogers

"Our work product needs visibility in order to generate additional work."

-David Andrews Rogers

Maestro DAR (David Andrews Rogers) has an ever expanding résumé. It was an honor to create a digital portfolio for this accomplished creative—and one of our most ambitious builds yet!

After reading this exclusive interview (with great advice for artists and creatives), be sure to check out DAR's expanded and interactive résumé.

For those that don’t know you, tell us a little bit about DAR!

I'm a Music Director and Conductor based in New York City, originally from Texas. My experience includes music directing Broadway national tours, conducting symphony pops concerts, teaching master classes, writing orchestrations, mentoring young Music Directors and Conductors...


What are you currently working on?

I'm the Music Supervisor for upcoming concert, Broadway Does Country, at 54 Below on October 11th, 2015.


I'm also the Associate Music Supervisor, Music Director and Conductor for 2015/16 North American Tour of The Wizard of Oz, opening December 1st in Cleveland, Ohio.



What’s the best thing that’s happened to you from social media?

I had a great conversation yesterday with someone I've known for many years (another industry professional with whom I've worked on a couple of different shows). After seeing my new website, she reached out to congratulate me on work she didn't know I'd done! The fact that we've known each another this long, and that she wasn't even aware of much of my career, makes it clear what a valuable resource my website can be for my future. Her new awareness of who I am and what I've done may lead to future work opportunities with her—work that might never have come about had she not been made aware of it by my website and social media! 

Additionally, while some may denigrate the use of Facebook and Twitter as tools of self-promotion, as artists in the theatre, I think it's not only appropriate but also vital to use these platforms as a form of advertising. Our work product needs visibility in order to generate additional work. Facebook and Twitter, while also being useful in a purely social way, are also, in a way, the flyers and brochures and billboards of a new age. 

What's your advice to aspiring artists?

Say "yes" more often than "no". Work. Learn. Grow. Be visible. Be available. Be interested. Be interesting. Ask questions. Listen to the answers. There is no opportunity that is not worth at least considering. You learn from every show, from every workshop, from every showcase, from every performance. Treat your work as a business, your art as work product, and don't take it all so personally. But take responsibility.



Why did you choose CSM to build your website?

I was first drawn to the energy and enthusiasm of Tony Howell in describing what CSM could offer. Additional research into the websites designed by them, as well as the additional services offered, gave me confidence that CSM could offer me new ways of looking at my business as a business and new ways of looking at a website as a marketing tool. On research into websites that CSM has designed, I appreciated the fact that there was a unifying clarity and professionalism in the work, but clearly no cookie cutter approach to the design.  


What responses have you received from your new website?

Thanks to a very successful launch, I've received many emails, texts and messages from people who have viewed the website. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Thank you for the interview, DAR! Creative teams are lucky to have you.

To see Maestro DAR's new site, click here.


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