Chris Roe

Chris Roe

"Dream big, work hard, and never stop learning."

-Chris Roe

Chris Roe is the benefactor of one of our favorite CSM websites and, hands down, the most productive and dynamic photoshoots we've seen—shout out to JJ Ignotz Photography

Chris is also one of the most productive and dynamic talents we've worked with. Check out his skills below...

For those that don’t know you, who is Chris Roe?

I am an artist living in NYC and I bring lots of different skills to the table: actor, director, producer, teacher, coach, and musician. Acting wise, I do anything from Shakespeare to On Camera and Voice Over Commercials.


What are you currently working on or towards?

I am co-producing and acting in a one person show in November called Whales & Souls. It is going to be an immersive, art installation, adult camp fire story event in a huge empty warehouse in Brooklyn.


What’s the best thing that’s happened to you from social media?

With the help of CSM, I took a huge plunge into the social media world. The best thing about that has been overcoming my fears, taking control of my career and content, and making my goals and dreams not only super clear, but a reality. I now have a one-stop-shop for all things Chris Roe!

Happy Friday, indeed! is now LIVE!COLLABORATION is an absolute must in this world, and I could not have...

Posted by Chris Roe on Friday, September 11, 2015


What's your advice to aspiring artists?

Dream big, work hard, and never stop learning.


Why did you choose CSM to build your website?

Tony and team were recommended to me by a friend. I had seen a few website designs they had created before, and once I met with them the first time, I knew these were the people for me. They walked me through every step of the process, and made everything easy, clear, and comfortable. The amount of time and care Tony personally took communicating with me to build my website was not only sincere and completely appreciated, but also first class, top notch, and an incredible experience. I would recommend CSM to anyone.


What responses have you received from your new website?

The amount of response I have received is overwhelmingly wonderful. People have commented on how professional, sleek, and clear the website looks. People have commented that the website is amazing, phenomenal, dynamic, productive, impressive, sharp, dapper, and I've been asked to go to prom with someone!


Who wouldn't ask you to prom, Chris?! We're in love.

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