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Ariel Kim

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Ariel Kim

"I’ve found that the more you give and reach out, the more you get back."

-Ariel Kim

Ariel Kim is one of the sweetest clients we've worked with. However, this cutie-patootie also has a ferocious work ethic and fierce talent. Read with caution... you might fall in love! 

For those that don’t know you, tell us a little bit about Ariel Kim?

 Photo by  Bjorn Bolinder

I’m a film and stage actor! I’m Korean-American and fluent in both languages. I moved to New York two and a half years ago. 

I love adrenaline-junkie type of stuff: rock climbing, sky diving, SoulCycling, paintballing, anything that’s high energy and fast. I also love lounging around, especially in nature. (I am a Taurus after all! We can be very indulgent creatures!) 

Above all, I am passionate about exploring all that is the human condition. 


What are you currently working on or towards?

I’m currently working towards making acting a full-time career. I’m all about commitment and I’d love to be able to commit all my time and energy towards my passion for acting!


What’s the best thing that’s happened to you from social media?

I know it’s weird to say, but I’ve gotten a lot of affirmation and support through social media. I never really took it seriously before meeting with CSM, but I’ve found that the more you give and reach out, the more you get back. I’ve gotten a lot of love and support in what I do. It really helps to know that people, even those you haven’t seen in awhile, are rooting for you.



What's your advice to aspiring artists?

Go for it. Seriously. There are so many people who still haven’t found their calling, yet. If you know what speaks to your soul and makes you come alive, go for it. Even if it’s baby steps. (This is coming from someone who walked away from business school and a company ready to be handed down to them to run.)

I know it can be scary, but like they say, that’s when you know you have to do it. Steve Jobs said, “Your time is limited. So don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” Create your own life working towards your dreams and goals. I promise you, you’ll be doing the world, including yourself, a favor by just completely being you.


Why did you choose CSM to build your website?

I’m a very intuitive person. When I came across one of Tony’s articles on Backstage, something about the way he spoke about moving your dreams into tangible tools (i.e. social media, website, etc.) to help further you in your career really spoke to me.  It made me perk up and listen. When I checked out his work, they were some of the most beautiful, yet intuitive websites I’d ever seen. They spoke for the artist—but in a way that was enticing. Also, they just made things easier and made sense at the same time. I guess it really spoke to the minimalist side of me. There should a good reason for everything. And that’s what I saw in his work.


What responses have you received from your new website?

For the people who didn’t know me as well, I really feel like they now get a sense of how serious I am about my passion, how much work I’ve put into it, and how I’m going to continue doing so.  And, the people who do know me are emphatic in their support, and are more like “That’s the Ariel I know.”

Thank you for this interview, Ariel!

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