Marisa Fratto

Marisa Fratto

"Surround yourself with people who support you, make you laugh, and talk about things other than the business."

-Marisa Fratto

Marisa Fratto is a bundle of talent, beauty and personality (not to mention a recent graduate from the MFA in Acting program at A.R.T./Harvard)! 

Our pre-consultation started with the idea of having an "unconventional" website. After discussing Marisa's goals and target audience, I think we wound up with one of the most stunning websites in the CSM portfolio—thanks to Dave Thomas Brown and Maggie McNeil for their stunning contributions.

Enjoy Marisa's story, advice, music, pins and more in this exclusive interview.

 Photos by  Dave Thomas Brown

For those that don’t know you, tell us a little bit about Marisa Fratto!

I guess the most important thing to know is that I’m the daughter of Rita Fratto. There is no one who loves movies and music more than this woman. 

For my mom, being an actor is a noble and bold profession. Anytime I have ever talked about giving up, she tells me that struggle is part of the game and that I just have to keep going – and then always sends me an article about Mark Ruffalo or Viola Davis – actors who were once struggling to remind me I'm not alone. 

She made my childhood rich with experience and used the arts as a learning tool for social justice. She constantly reminded me (Atticus Finch style) that you truly don’t know what it’s like to be another person until you walk a mile in their shoes. We watched a lot of Torch Song Trilogy in my house.

You can learn more about me (like my Starbucks name!) in the “Meet Marisa” video I made for my website!

What are you currently working on or towards? 

I am always excited about plays with strong connections – family “dramedy,” especially, appeals to me. And anything physical. I want to spend less time thinking and more time playing onstage. I keep a list of these kinds of roles so I know what I am going after specifically and the great regional theaters I want to work at!

And I want to be on Louie more than anything. So, call me ;)


What’s the best thing that’s happened to you from social media?

First off, 16 Handles and Bare Burger (my two favorite places) replied to my tweets one day. I really felt like I had made it. 

And without social media, I would have never found my cousin Krystal whom I had never met until 3 years ago when I wrote her a message on Facebook! I can't imagine my life without her now. And pinning I find so therapeutic. Ten minutes on Pinterest and I suddenly have a clearer vision.


What's your advice to aspiring artists? 

Have a killer personal life – meaning surround yourself with people who support you, make you laugh, and talk about things other than the business. Join a kickball team, a book club, play Bingo on Thursdays (like I do!), decide which Real Housewife is your favorite and why (Bethenny Frankel, of course!). 

And before you go into any audition, listen to: “Ain’t Been Done” by Jessie J and “Pretty Girl Rock” by Keri Hilson. And when you’re done, listen to “I Will Follow” by James Taylor (the live version!)

You got this. 


Why did you choose CSM to build your website? 

Tony and his team are the full package. I told them my vision and they did the rest. It was truly magical the first time I saw my site – it’s everything I wanted it to be. 

Also, I’m big on “bedside manner” and Tony has this full out. His personality is infectious. He taps into who you are and makes the whole experience so fun. He also made social media a strategic tool in a way I hadn’t thought about before. 


What responses have you received from your new website? 

Really awesome, specific things like:

  • “Marisa – the site feels so YOU.”
  • “I love that your headshot appears in the tab!”
  • “The site is beautiful and so easy to navigate!”
  • “Love the Meet Marisa video so much!”


Besides—where else can we find you online? 

You can find me on my weekly YouTube show: We Talk About It Now! We talk about topics from politics and relationships to things like: What’s your gay age? (You want to know now, right? Tune in!)

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I'm also on Facebook, Twitter, and my absolute favorite cyber spots: Instagram and Pinterest!

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