Jeanette Bonner

Jeanette Bonner, Producer of Ghost Light

Jeanette Bonner, Producer of Ghost Light

I am so impressed by this artist. Following our consultation, Jeanette Bonner left the CSM office to film her crowdfunding video. That night, she started taking immediate action on her homework. This woman truly knows how to make things happen! Check out her story below.

Tell us a little bit about Ghost Light!

Ghost Light is a web series about a motley crew of theater staff and stagehands working in a community theater in Nowhere, America. Think Waiting for Guffman,  Noises Off and Slings and Arrows—the backstage version, and you'll have our series.  


What are you currently working on or towards?

We are currently in pre-production for Season 2! 

When I set out to create Ghost Light, I didn't know how far I wanted to take it. After Season 1 launched last year, it seemed we kept running into people who told us how much they loved our little series! So I thought, if people want to watch it, and if my team and cast are down to make it, why not create it?


What's your advice to other web series creators?

Ha!  I have no idea. I laugh because I'm not sure any of us truly know what the heck we're doing...  I certainly don't!

This genre is so new and the industry is developing as we speak. No one's quite figured out the "rules" (as it were) or the best way to do this. Nobody knows how to make money off of —and finding the funds is always really hard. We're all just putting our stuff out there and trying to figure it out as we go. Considering that, I guess my only piece of advice is: don't do it just because everyone else is doing it. 

It seems everyone and their mom has a web series right now, but if it's not a passion project for you, if it's not something you REALLY care about making, then don't bother. You are the engine of your creation, and if you're doing it to gain something else (money, exposure, a distribution deal), you're probably going to end up broke and disappointed.   


What's one thing you learned from working with CSM?

I didn't learn one thing. I learned 1,000 things! I guess my biggest takeaway from my session was you have to provide value whether people donate or not to your campaign. The mentality is not to ASK, but to SHARE.

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What’s the best thing that’s happened to you from social media?

A director sent a message through our Facebook page, asking if we could arrange to come to talk to his students about the idea of Ghost Light, the investment of time and money, the marketing woes, our ambitions for the series, etc.  That a stranger would find us and think we were worthy of coming to talk to his students about creating your own work?!  That just validated that we're on the right path.


Besides—where else can we find you online?

Ghost Light is on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. It's actually my third venture with Kelly's Pool Hall, my production company. 

Previously, I produced and acted in a half-hour pilot called The Uniform, about a rogue crew of campus security officers, as well as a 60-minute semi-autobiographical solo show called Love. Guts. High School. about a tiny high school crush that turns into a friendship-ruining obsession, all while trying to figure out what love is during the tumultuous backdrop of your teens. 

I LOVE producing, but I'm an actor as well.  I also write an ice cream blog about artisanal ice cream in NYC!!  I know—it is a LOT of domains to manage. 

 But if I could, I would make my own work forever!