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Gregg Monteith

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Gregg Monteith

Gregg Monteith joins the CSM team as our official videographer. I'm delighted (and honored) to have him on board—the magician behind #TellMeTony Tuesdays. 

Check out Gregg's content, then connect with or contact him. He has my highest recommendation!

Tell us a little bit about Gregg Monteith!

I'm a musician and filmmaker based out of NYC. After spending years touring the world performing with different shows, I found something that I loved just as much as playing music—telling stories. I would spend my days learning the fundamentals of shooting and editing, and my nights at the theater playing my show. It made being away from home much easier when I was surrounded by things that I truly loved to do. Now I spend my time doing both in NYC!



What draws you to make music and movies?

I love the collaborative effort that it takes to make a compelling piece of music or film. Everyone working together to create something unique is what makes each experience special. For music, I enjoy being a cog in the wheel of a machine and doing my part in that way. For film, I pride myself on being a one-man-band as far as production, but listening to each client and giving them what they want is paramount to what I can bring to the table. Overall, the creation of a unique experience—either live or filmed—is what draws me to do what I do.  



What are the differences between good and GREAT videos?

Good videos inform you to a situation/event/cause/etc. Great videos make you FEEL something. The way that you shoot/light/edit should all come from an informed place of how you want your audience to feel. Not only must things look great, but they also have to sound great as well. Your audience will subconsciously forgive less than stellar video quality if they can clearly understand what people are saying. Amazing visuals and no idea what anyone is saying will not be tolerated.  



What’s the best thing that’s happened to you from social media?

Social media has helped some of my videos get attention in Entertainment Weekly, The New Yorker, and Vanity Fair! Having them say very nice things about them definitely raised my profile and made others pay attention, too.



What’s something that surprised you about CSM?

The success that Tony and his team have already had at such an early stage! The variety of artists you mentor is amazing! 



Where else can we find you online?

Tony's made me You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo. If you're interested in working together, please email me

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