Eric Tsuchiyama


Eric Tsuchiyama has joined the CSM team as an additional designer. As you'll soon read, he's going to fit right in and make a huge impact through his thoughtfulness, enthusiasm and talent. 

Tell us a little bit about Eric Tsuchiyama!

I grew up doing theatre, and geeking-out over design in secret. Now, those things are flipped; although, I don’t think my geeking-out over theatre is really much of a secret! I am a very proud alum of the graphic design program at Shillington School and would absolutely not have scored this awesome job if not for the influence of my incredible mentors there.

My free time usually includes one, or all, of the following: photography, coffee, animals, and Dubsmash. And books; I spend a lot of time reading books.


What drew you to design?

I love it for so many reasons. For one, it is like a giant puzzle. The process of creating a new design is a lot of problem-solving, and figuring out where pieces fit — my brain craves that kind of exercise. I also love how impactful design can be.

“Graphic design” is such a large umbrella term for so many things; it is almost impossible to walk out your front door without encountering design. From the street signs we read to direct us to our destinations, to the packaging on our favorite products, to the advertisements we see in magazines… even the magazine spreads themselves! It’s all designed particularly for very specific purposes.

Design has the power to really affect and influence the world. It isn’t always used for the common good, but I get really jazzed thinking about the possibility of spreading inspiration and positive light to the world through design.


What makes a great logo?

A great logo is versatile — they have to adapt to many applications. The more you can break them apart into different, individually strong elements the better. The more you can interchange colors and textures, the better. But also, simplicity is key. Less is more. The most important thing is that a logo needs to speak on your behalf; so it shouldn’t be muddied with anything other than what is necessary in capturing the essence of you.

The choice to include each element must be informed by who you are and what you are trying to put out there; so, how intricate and elaborate a logo is will be quite different for each brand. That’s how we end up with so much variety!

So, what makes a great logo? 1) Versatility. 2) YOU!


What’s the best thing that’s happened to you from social media?

I think my favorite thing about social media is the reach. I have found so much inspiration from people I don’t even know, who don’t even live anywhere near me, just because the right person happened to hit “share” and the connections led to me.

Social media is an incredible tool when it is utilized in the right way. We should all be using it to spread awareness—to inspire one another. Some of the most inspiring moments I have had in the past year were because of things people shared with the world via social media. It is a powerful thing.


What’s something that surprised you about CSM?

Tony’s ability to have fun while still getting all of the work done efficiently. That's something I'm pretty good at doing, but it isn't always easy to find work environments that value a balanced relationship between work and play!


Where else can we find you online?

You can visit my website and also e-stalk me on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. I've also recently started a blog where I share my thoughts on “soul-searching”, inner peace, and the interconnectedness of all things. Super hippie-dippie. You can find that on Tumblr, but I'm still early in the process of content-generation.