Desi Oakley

"I’m working toward having as many opportunities to connect to others as I can!"

-Desi Oakley

Prepare yourself. Desi Oakley is an incredibly bright, yet kind and warm light. She teamed up with EMMA for new headshots and hot shots. Visit to see the outcome. But first, meet Desi up close and personal. I think you'll really like her. We do! 

For those that don’t know you, tell us a little bit about Desi Oakley!

 Photo by  EMMA

Photo by EMMA

I am Kansas grown, Michigan ripened and blooming in NYC. It is my passion to connect to others through the gifts I've been given! I have a degree in Musical Theatre from the University of Michigan—but also love playing the piano and writing original music and lyrics. (I have an EP out on iTunes!)

I live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. I run and do yoga almost every day. My favorite food is... french fries!!! No joke. I could eat them all day every single day.

It’s important to me to keep up with friends and family—especially those that don't live in NYC, so FaceTime, iMessage, and SnapChat are my favorite apps. I am active in the community at Trinity Grace Church in Chelsea, and love volunteering around the city.

What are you currently working on or towards?

I am currently in the cast of Wicked on Broadway. It's always been my goal to perform on Broadway, but recently I have enjoyed opening doors to new adventures—like creating an EP and auditioning for TV and film. I’m working toward having as many opportunities to connect to others as I can!


What's your advice to aspiring artists?

The best I was ever given... 

Never let anyone or anything stop you from pursuing your dream.

It sounds simple, but there will be both people and circumstances that will challenge your commitment to following your passion. Whether that’s a director, a teacher, or a peer telling you that you don't have what it takes, or a trial in your life that sets you back. Don’t. Give. Up.

Instead, let those life lessons fuel you. Fully accept it, and then allow it to grow you. See the beauty in every experience. I believe that the most beautiful parts of life are the times when faced with difficulty, because only then can we truly overcome.


What’s the best thing that’s happened to you from social media?

Since moving to NYC, social media has allowed me to connect to people in my life that I’m distant from. I constantly have family and friends from home saying “I love keeping up with you via social media! You need to post more!” It’s also allowed me to connect to people that come to see performances of mine or that hear my songs on iTunes. I honestly don't know what i would do without it!


Why did you choose CSM to build your website?

I stumbled upon a website CSM did and was like “Whoa.” I had to find out who made it. It was striking! I thought “That is how a website should look.” After finding out it was CSM, I had to use them…especially having worked with Mr. Howell on the National Tour of Evita. (#WinWin!)


What responses have you received from your new website?

As soon as it launched, I had friends texting and calling me saying “Dez! I love your new website!” They said it was professional, clean and super user-friendly (which is exactly what I was going for).

I'm so thankful and grateful for the team at CSM for making this goal a huge success!


Besides—where else can we find you online?

I'm on FacebookInstagram, Twitter and my songs are on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon!

Thank you, Desi! You are flying high and adored!

We love your music and cannot wait for new music from you!

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