Maggie McNeil


Maggie McNeil has joined the CSM team, specifically helping our growing demand for more sexy websites! 

I'm delighted (and honored) to have her on board for our creative collaborations. Check her out—then connect or comment below!

What do you think makes a great website?

Maggie McNeil: performer, designer, equality fighter, and mother of Moxie Waffles. Photo by Billy B.

Maggie McNeil: performer, designer, equality fighter, and mother of Moxie Waffles. Photo by Billy B.

A great website should feel like I'm sitting down with you and getting to know you a little bit. It should be easy to navigate, easy to find (#GoogleYourself), and leave me wanting more in terms of finding out who you are. I don't need to know every single credit, where you were born, what shows you loved to put on in your backyard... I want to leave thinking "Oh man, you are awesome, and I totally get who you are.  I can't wait to see more from you!" 

But real talk: if I could tell you ONE thing that makes a great website, it's your photos! Invest in them, and make sure you end up with stuff you LOVE. It will be worth it, I promise.  


What’s the best thing that’s happened to you from social media?

This is crazy town! Last year, my wedding venue shut down and stole all of our money 90 days before my now-husband and I were getting married (and two days after we sent out invitations. Yowza!). The short version of the story is that we joined together with two other couples in the theatre community in the same situation in an online fundraiser which was shared over a thousand times on social media.  

Our friends, family, and the theatre community really rallied around us and helped raise money to put everything back together and spread our story, getting us on the news, and garnering other exposure that brought in lots of donations of money, services, and other things we never could have imagined!  

We ended up having our wedding in a new amazing place on the same date it was supposed to happen originally, and it never ever would have happened without the power of so many people hearing our story.  It was totally surreal, and I am still in disbelief of the positive power of social media for making everything happen for us and those other amazing, incredibly deserving couples. Huge shoutout to JBM Weddings for our beautiful photos! 


P.S. We're ALL married now! Yay!


What’s your advice to artists on their online presence?

#1 - Just. Be. You. 

When I say you, I mean the most positive version of you. Support those around you, engage with your community, and be proud of what you're putting out there. Promote what you love. Chill on the snark. To quote Ellen, "Be kind to one another." Everyone is out there doing their absolute best. 

#2 - If it's on the internet, someone will find it. 

If you're not proud of something that's out there, find a way to get it taken down.  

#3 - Don't follow/friend/engage with people who steal your joy or who draw out your comparison gremlins. 

Not worth it, people! Surround yourself with people who raise you up, and that means online, too. 


What’s your advice to artists about show business?

I went to Boston College, and BC alum/Tony Nominee/supercool dude Bryce Pinkham went back recently to talk to the current undergrads about being an artist.  BC Theatre tweeted this gem from his time there: 


I couldn't think of a better way to put that, and I certainly could use the reminder frequently, but we are so lucky to be a part of this incredible, vibrant, brilliant, loving community.  

Even if we haven't quite gotten to where we want to be yet, I love to look back and think about how much 12-year-old-Maggie would be losing her little Vermont mind over the stuff I'm doing now—and that's a pretty cool perspective. 


What’s something that surprised you about CSM?

I've been surprised to learn how much anxiety people have surrounding social media!  Now that I've spent a little more time around it, I totally understand it, and I'm thrilled to be able to be a small part of helping ease that stress.  

I've also loved learning little tips and tricks every day I spend with Tony... he's the real deal, y'all! 


Where can we find out more about Maggie online?

My website (, Facebook and Twitter!

Maggie not only brings passion and heart to her work on stage and with us, but she's also a huge asset to Broadway Impact—leading the fight for marriage equality. I'm enamored. 

Thanks for all you do and are, Maggie!