New York All Stars

New York All Stars

"We are flattered that our clients think our logo is so fancy!"

-Katie Cocovinis


Why did you create NYAS? 

I've spent the last several years working as a professional teaching artist. While the experience was rewarding, it often meant traveling to multiple boroughs in a day and piecing together project stipends to equal a livable wage. I met a few parents of students from the Woodlawn/Yonkers area who informed me that the children’s programming offerings in town were quite limited. They also informed me that the kids were really interested in gymnastics and dance—two areas where I could definitely help. When I was growing up in Texas, I developed two loves—theatre and all star cheerleading. All Star Cheerleading has not really taken off in the New York City area, but it is a popular, competitive sport around the nation. I introduced my students to the sport and they loved it. As the program has grown, I have honed the mission to include multiple programs which promote both fitness and the performing arts. These are two areas where I feel where (in general) public education is lacking.


What made you decide to get a new logo?

We didn't have a professional logo before but now that the business is growing, we felt it was important to have an original logo that would be recognizable in the community and improve the look of our marketing materials.


How was the process/experience working with CSM? 

Excellent! Prompt follow-up, quick results and edited exactly to our liking with helpful feedback.


What responses/results have you received?

We revealed our new logo and our some of our clients started a rumor that we are purchasing a huge facility that is for rent in the area. The rumor is not true, but we are flattered that our clients think our logo is so fancy that we could afford it.


What are you currently working on or towards?

We are hoping to eventually open a full-time enrichment center and to mount our program in other boroughs of New York City as well.


What's your advice for small businesses (and/or aspiring artists) to succeed?

For small businesses: network nicely, be able to describe your work and why it is special/unique in 30 seconds or less, be deeply committed to what you do, be well educated on the legal requirements for owning a small business, HIRE HELP!

For aspiring artists: network nicely, be able to describe what you do without apologizing for it (in 30 seconds or less), be deeply committed to what you do, be well educated on: your craft, your rights as an artist, health insurance and how to do your taxes, when possible - HIRE HELP!


Where can we find you online?

You can find us at as well as on Facebook and Instagram

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