Fran Kirmser

Fran Kirmser

"Once I was completely fluent in the language and use of social media... it was really effortless!"

-Fran Kirmser


Fran Kirmser is a Consultant and Broadway Producer (Lombardi, Magic/Bird, Hair and many more). We were obviously very honored and excited to work with her. Check out her experience, field of work and online channels below!

What made you decide to work with CSM? 

For years I worked as a Producer on Broadway shows that obviously utilized social media—but I never engaged for my personal use and expression. Creative Social Media was fantastic in helping me sweep through my own Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so that I became very well versed in each of these platforms.

What were your hold-ups?

In the past, hold ups for me using social media were simply upkeep and permanency. We all need something else to check on and to keep updated like we need a hole in the head! The idea of another daily task was certainly a turn off. Permanency was a turn off as well. What if I don’t like a post?

What are one or two key things you learned from working with us? 

Surprisingly, I learned that once I was completely fluent in the language and use of various social media platforms—it was really effortless to keep up! Of course, now I know that if you don’t like a post—simply take it down!!

What responses/results have you received? 

The artists that I work with have really enjoyed following me on the various platforms because I often post about grant deadlines (and other various resources) that help fund their projects and feed their careers.

What are you currently working on or towards? 

Currently, I'm thrilled to be offering semi-private consultations in fundraising for self producing emerging artists. 

I also am enjoying being a TONY Voter this year—as well as serving as Executive Producer for the major motion picture Lombardi with Legendary Pictures. 

What’s your advice for aspiring artists?

Dive in and just do it! You are going to make mistakes—who cares!? Follow your curiosity and then (most importantly) make a plan.

Where can we find you online? 

I can be reached at and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Tumblr

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