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Mike Schwitter

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Mike Schwitter

"I've wanted a kickass website, but never knew how. UNTIL NOW!"

-Mike Schwitter


Mike Schwitter is best known for his performances as Lewis and the title role in Pippin. I was excited to build a website to showcase this Broadway heartthrob. In the process, I was delighted to meet an incredibly smart, detailed and organized artist—and I think the results are equally due to Mike's work ethic, passion and offstage gifts...

 Photo by  Dirty Sugar

Photo by Dirty Sugar


How long did you know you wanted/needed to create a website? 

When I was in college, we had an assignment to make ourselves a website. I tried to make one (in the simplest, cheapest way possible) just to pass the class—and totally forgot about it over time. However, even in the span of a few years, social media has totally exploded, as has the amount of time we spend on our phones looking up people, events, news, etc. I've wanted to circle back and make a kickass website, but never knew how. UNTIL NOW!


What were your hold-ups in getting it done? 

I can be pretty technologically illiterate sometimes, so I needed to work with someone who is a great combination of a Techy and an Artist.


What made you decide to build a website with CSM? 

I met Tony through a mutual friend who spoke highly of him. She said he’s a total genius and has an excellent grasp of where technology and social media for actors is heading.


Do you feel that making a website with CSM was a different experience than you would have received with another company? If so, how? 

My experience with CSM was way more involved and thorough than I was expecting. They really strive to make sure your website is a total reflection of you: an online version of your personality and style. The final product is a complete, easy-to-use representation of you at your best.


What responses have you received from your new website? 

I've gotten AWESOME responses to my site so far! Many people I've talked to love the format and design, and I believe have even reached out to CSM as a result. It’s been fun sharing it through social media and hearing feedback (all of it positive).


What are you currently working on or towards? 

I'm about to start rehearsals for the lab A Moment in Time, a musical featuring the music of John Denver. I'm also working on some teaching gigs coming up, as well as concerts and auditioning for summer theaters.


What's your advice for aspiring artists to reach your level? 

My advice is to never stop moving. It's easy to fall into routines (myself included) and I have to remember to keep pushing and thinking of new things to work on. Classes, exercise, finding new music—it's always good to sustain momentum, especially when keeping up with NYC.


Where else can we find you online? 

You mean besides Well… I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Find you there!?

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