Jennifer Laughnan

Jennifer Laughnan

"I didn't have to wonder with CSM... they were spot on in the style of website that they came up with!"

-Jennifer Laughnan


Jennifer Laughnan is a beautiful soul—and incredibly inspiring woman. After 15 years on Wall Street, Jennifer is stepping into the courage and confidence to pursue her artistic dreams.

Take a look at the care and professionalism behind her photos, bio and website... this girl is going places!

 Photo by  Vanie Poyey

Photo by Vanie Poyey

How long did you know you wanted/needed to create a website? 

I've known for a couple years that I needed a website...


What were your hold-ups in getting it done? 

I never felt I had enough content.  I am technologically impaired, and to use an expression I first heard from Tony, I had “perfection paralysis.”


What made you decide to build a website with CSM? 

I attended a workshop with CSM at Reproductions and I knew that CSM was the key to my personal next step, which was building a website. I didn’t know who to go to and voila, there they were.


Do you feel that making a website with CSM was a different experience than you would have received with another company? If so, how?

I don't really know what another company would have been like, but I know that when you're on the receiving end of any service, it's obvious when it’s done well. If you have to wonder—it means it wasn't done well.  I didn't have to wonder with CSM. I felt that they did a great job of getting to know me as much as possible before diving in. I felt they were spot on in the style of website that they came up with, and I am very proud of it. If left to me, I would have hemmed and hawed over every detail, but Tony was full speed ahead and at the same time, open to suggestions and tweaks.  


What responses have you received from your new website? 

Really great responses! My friends and family are thoroughly impressed. More than anything, I’m happy that I’m proud of it. So many times you end up with an end-product that you're mildly excited about. I'm excited about my website and excited to add more content. It is the “if you build it, it will come” of my acting career.


What are you currently working on or towards? 

I'm currently writing my own screenplay (alongside auditions, classes and meetings to further my career). I also recently published my Grandmother's life story. Click here to purchase.



What's your advice for aspiring artists? 

Figure out who you are, and then be it. If you're a raging disappointment to those who want you to be someone else, and you're okay with that, that’s when you really start to be you.


Where else can we find you online? 

Well for sure check out! I'm also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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