Mike Lesser

Mike Lesser

"I’m actually more excited about what it means to be an artist than I have been in a long time!"

-Mike Lesser


Mike Lesser is a multi-talented artist with many different gifts to offer the world.

Check out how the Social Artist Training helped him design his own website and get clarity on how to use social media to best represent him 24/7/365.


What made you decide to enroll in the Social Artist Training? 

Honestly, because I was completely terrified by social media and the idea of "branding". I was being told by people that I needed to "define and create a more impactful social media footprint"—but I had no idea what that meant. After meeting Tony and attending one of his seminars I was, well, more confused, but optimistic. This was something that I could do, and most importantly, something I should do. 


How was the process/experience?

The process of becoming one with yourself/what you do and aligning that on whichever platforms that you chose has been slow for me. But I’m totally okay with that because it brings me closer to creating a unified and clear vision of my goals and wants! What’s great about it is I now have tools to expand upon and learn at my own pace.  


What is the #1 thing you learned from the S.A.T.? 

Be authentic and real. 


What has changed in your life post-S.A.T.? 

I’m actually more excited about what it means to be an artist than I have been in a long time. By stepping back and asking myself some important questions, I am more grounded in the artist that I am and where I am going. I am much more aware of the need for connecting and reaching out via social networks. I have a newfound awareness of what role social media plays and am working on incorporating these new skills into my daily life. Oh, and I built my first website! I am super proud that I could even do that. With Tony’s help and guidance, I got it done!!!


What are you currently working on or towards? 

Writing! I am also putting together The PlayGroud Experiment—a public reading series for writers and actors. My intention is that it generates work as well as connects actors/writers/ directors with new communities of collaborators. Here are all the details!


What's your advice for aspiring artists? 

Stop "aspiring", "emerging" or "struggling" and be the artist you are! Find and create a community of people that will be your supporters—as well as critics and challengers. This will help you always be the best you can be. 


Where can we find you online? 

MikeLesserNYC.com and @MikeLesserNYC on Twitter!

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